i-love-me-1Women’s clothing range I Love Me launched to celebrate International Women’s Day

As a celebration of International Women’s Day I Love Me – a bold, fun and sexy new clothing line has been launched.

Created by entrepreneur’s Annika Allen (Co-owner of Flavour Magazine and Hannah Kingaby (CEO of Avit Clothing) the range features four different T-shirts that come in black or white and feature a distinctive logo with the words I Love Men on with the N on men crossed out with lipstick. Every woman will be able to find a style that suits her lifestyle, body-type and personality.

Annika states: “We wanted to create a brand that was fun and encouraged women to remind themselves about all the beautiful things that make us all unique.”

Hannah continues: “the message behind the brand is promoting girl power and also stating that it is important to love yourself first for other people to be able to love you.”

The T-shirt range is 100% cotton with contemporary and stylish tailoring and has been designed to be teamed with jeans, shorts or skirts, whether you’re a rocker or urban diva this will compliment a casual look or you could create red carpet appeal if teamed with a blazer or suit jacket. All styles cost £15.99.

For more information call 020 8692 2993 or email


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