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Planning a group trip to Ibiza with friends? Take a look at Our special feature – Ibiza Group Trip: Best places to stay, eat and of course, party…

Following on from our recent article ‘Best places to stay, eat, and party part 1, we are excited to bring you part 2 of this special feature. In part 1 we visited Chic Ibiza Villa’s, Hotel Es Vive and wrote a guide on staying with friends in Ibiza.

Part 2, sees the best places to eat and dine in Ibiza. From the Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel to STK Ibiza and more, here’s our round up of the best places to eat and dine in Ibiza.

Top Travel Tip

Here’s a top tip for making your journey to Ibiza an easy and special one. Why not do as we did and fly via Monarch airlines? Monarch the scheduled leisure airline, operates flights to Ibiza from Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester airports during the summer season with fares, including taxes, starting from £39 one way (£100 return).

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But wait there’s even more. Before you arrive at the airport, simply go online and book yourself a train on the Gatwick express. With trains running every 15 mins and a journey so quick it will make you feel like you teleported yourself to the airport. You’ll never travel to the airport again, unless you take the Gatwick express.

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STK Ibiza

Love steak? Look no further than STK Ibiza and even if you’re a veggie, you can continue to read on… STK Ibiza is located in the Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa, Marina Botafoch. The restaurant should be placed at the top of your list of places to dine in Ibiza.

STK Ibiza Skirt Steak
STK Ibiza Skirt Steak

In our opinion, the sleek modern restaurant serves some of the most delicious steaks in Ibiza and it’s not only steaks that are on offer. You can choose from a selection of 9 cuts including sirloin, rib eye, fillet, hanger, T-bone, New York strip and tomahawk all served with a selection of toppings, sides and sauces. Plus if you’re not up for a steak, you can go for the sea food and raw bar offerings including scallop ceviche, Japanese oyster shoots, Norwegian king crab, clams and mussels and there are many vegetarian options too, meaning you and all your friends are covered.

Picture this… A table for you and your friends. Cocktails, wine, spirits and of course lots and lots of food. Beautiful people to the left, beautiful people to the right, DJ’s playing music while you dine, the possibility of a celebrity of 2 in the building dinning too, everyone looks fancy in their best dresses and outfits… Are you getting the picture? For more information or to book a table simply visit now.

Lunch at The Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

It’s the morning/afternoon after the night before. You’ve probably been raving all night at the Ushuaia Closing Party and now you and your friends are ready to hit the beach and relax for the day until the night time shindigs start again.

hard rock hotel beach club ibiza

It’s time to hit The Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel. The Hard Rock Hotel is located on the main party strip in Ibiza. This stunning hotel feels like it was built yesterday. It’s uber clean, uber modern, and styled beautifully. Walk through the reception, past the pool area and you will end up at the Beach Club.

The Beach Club faces the sea. Sun loungers and beds are available for you to chill. The Beach club is a small intimate light and bright beach dining experience. The extensive Mediterranean menu serves starters, pasta and rice dishes, fish dishes, meat dishes, dessert and even a health section for those of us that like to keep it healthy.

hard rock hotel beach club ibiza

It’s a very relaxed, yet fun dining experience. You and your friends can sip cocktails, pop bottles of champagne, or wine from its extensive drinks menu. Spirits, alcoholic smoothies, vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and so much more are there awaiting your arrival.

The food we sampled from the summer menu was amaze. Served is an Instagram friendly display, you’ll be forgiven when that moment comes, when you and your friends all take out your phones and start taking food pics (a pet hate of mine, yet I do it too). Here are some of the #foodpics we took while dining at the Beach Club in the Hard Rock Hotel.

As it’s the Hard Rock Hotel, you may even find a celebrity or two dinning on a table next to you. DJ Black Coffee, who smashed his DJ set at the Ushuaia Closing Party was dinning to our left, while we tried to play it cool and act like we didn’t realise it was him. Don’t you want to dine where the celebs dine? Of course you do.

After our meals, we grabbed a huge sun-lounger, chilled for a bit, and then before you know it, we were all in our swim shorts and bikini’s swimming in the sea and socking up the lush sun rays. To book a table The Beach Club go to and click on the Beach Club section.

Dinner at El Chringuito Cala Gracineta

Breathtaking, stunning, romantic are few words that are synonymous with El Chringuito Cala Gracineta. A huge majority of people in Ibiza stay on the West Coast, stay in party land and never explore the rest of Ibiza. Move away from the fast paced, very busy Ibiza party strip and take an afternoon by the sea at El Chringuito Cala Gracineta.

Dinner at El Chringuito Cala Gracineta
Dinner at El Chringuito Cala Gracineta

El Chringuito Cala Gracineta is situated in a stunning cove just north of San Antonio and you’ll dine overlooking the very picturesque bay. As you walk down to the restaurant from the steep hilled entrance, you’d be well advised to take a deep breath as what you will see will amaze you. I personally haven’t seen another restaurant in Ibiza that looks like this one. Everything feels natural and when I say natural I’m referring to nature. This is probably the reason why it’s a popular wedding venue in Ibiza.

The beautiful view from our seats as the sunset in ibiza.
The beautiful view from our seats as the sunset in ibiza.

El Chringuito Cala Gracineta serves a range of Mediterranean & Spanish dishes including, fish and seafood dishes to juicy meats and delicious pasta dishes, even breakfasts and fresh juices are on the menu and best of all, El Chringuito Cala Gracineta is famous for its paella.

You can’t help but stare at the cove and the surroundings. You’ll see people on the sea at the cove, swimming relaxing and playing with their children while you dine. Don’t worry though, the sea is far enough to not disturb your dining experience, yet close enough to add depth to the visuals of your surroundings.

Dinner at El Chringuito Cala Gracineta

Staff are ever so friendly, you can tell immediately, that the staff are happy to work there. Services with a smile, amazing food, beautiful visuals and a calm relaxing environment makes El Chringuito Cala Gracineta a MUST SEE place to dine in Ibiza.

After your meal or maybe before or even during, you’ll probably find yourself and your friends take pictures around the cove (see photos below), you can’t dine their without taking a walk over to the bay in front. Go in the evening and watch the sun go down and the lights go up and you may find yourself wanted to go on one-knee and proposing to your friends. It’s just got that type of vibe. It’s chilled, its zen-like, its serene and of course the food matches the environment, making this place great. Visit the website and make your booking NOW!

Café Mambo Ibiza

If you love hype, love food, love alcohol then you will love Café Mambo Ibiza. Café Mambo is centred on the sunset strip in San Antonio. You can dine, dance and drink all at the same time at Café Mambo.

Café Mambo is very busy, its uber hype, so beware. Do not go here for a quiet drink, go here to get the party started with your friends, before you rave all night. Go here if you want the chance to meet hot people and make friends.

Cafe Mambo

The menu features a good selection of tasty yet inexpensive food. You can dine on crispy prawns and calamari or the Mambo burger or Fillet steak without breaking the bank. We dined here for dinner on our first night and there was a stunning Hen party group on the table to the left of us and what looked to be a stag group on the table to the right… The only thing that was dividing these groups was our table (sorry guys and gals) otherwise it would have been straight hype for both groups all evening.

Cafe Mambo

The clientele is young and friendly, the staff are cool and will attend to your every need. The food is good for the price and the lights, music and cocktails is a perfect Ibiza party starter for the ravers in da house.

Cafe Mambo

There’s a choice of seating arrangements from the regular seating to the seafront seating to the VIP seating, we dined on the seafront seating. You make a reservation online via the website and if you want to look really cool on the night, be sure to wear something white or something with white on it, so that you will reflect under the neon lights and shine bright like a diamond.