When it comes to fitness modelling its hard to beat someone like Aniko Puhova for sheer determination. From as early as her childhood in Slovakia she strived to become an athlete and went on to become an accredited fitness trainer, model, and competitor in fitness competitions. Not content with perfecting her own body, she’s a personal trainer to a select number of private clients who dream of having discipline and indeed a body like Aniko’s.

Hi Aniko, Welcome to Flavour. Firstly, what got you into fitness modelling?

Well I used to be an athlete for five years. I went to a sports school when I was very young and I started fitness modelling two years ago. I just love it and I’ve started to compete in competitions now.

Other than fitness modelling what else do you do?

I’m a personal trainer. I was studying in LA I then started to work in KX; a private members club in Chelsea. I now have my own website so I do my own stuff.

What is your typical fitness regime?

When I’m not preparing for a competition, I love to do circuit training because that has everything  included so I do circuit training 3 or 4 times a week and high interval training and cardio. I also do yoga 2 or 3 times a week as well.

So if people don’t want to go to the gym, what’s the best workout?

They can do circuits or body weight training. It’s the best way because you are losing weight but maintaining your muscles as well.

What is your typical food plan?

It is very easy actually. For breakfast I have two choices. I either do a healthy pancake or I’ll have egg whites with some spinach or mushrooms. For snacks I’ll have some nuts. For lunch or dinner maybe some chicken or fish with steamed vegetables; some broccoli, asparagus or spinach.

Is it hard to be on a strict diet? Do you miss cakes and sweets?

I love cakes and sweets! But when you’re on a diet it’s not a diet – it is a lifestyle. I don’t want to put food into my body that isn’t healthy. Plus you feel better, more energised and happy when you eat well. That’s the secret.

Where do you like working out?

When I prepare for a competition, definitely the gym. But when it’s sunny outside I love to go outside and work out.

Do you have any celebrities as motivation?

Yes; Jennifer Nicole Lee. She’s my favourite. I love her body. She’s beautiful.

Are you single?

Yes I am.

What do you look for in a guy? Is it important they are as fit as you?

I prefer guys when they are in good shape. It is important that they are fit because it would be hard to stay on a diet if they weren’t fit. So yeah, definitely fit.

Are men ever intimidated by you?

Yes I think so. They are scared when they try to talk to me. That’s IF they try talk to me.

Finally just a few fun questions. Complete the sentences…

The way to impress me is… To try harder. I think guys these days give up too easily.

The way to piss me off is… It’s hard to piss me off. It has to be really bad. I don’t like it when people aren’t being honest or people do things behind my back.

I won’t leave my house without… My protein shake. Sometimes you don’t know when you can have your next meal and it’s important to have something every 3 hours.

My best feature is... My legs.

How can people stay in touch?

I have a Facebook fan page: Aniko Puhova or my website

Finally can you give us 3 tips to stay in shape?

Drink loads of water, exercise 3 times a weeks and eat good!

Interview by Debbie Cotti.

Photography by Jon Lilley at Make up by Jux-a-pose Hair styling by Aaron Overton using Davines

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