Friday the 24th of June saw Ice Age: Collision Course co-director, Galan Chu in town to present a special film presentation of Ice Age to a bunch of over-excited journalists.

The presentation consisted of a number of clips from the new Ice Age film as well as a rare glimpse at storyboard stills and an abundance of insight into the making of the film. We actually got to sit down with Galan for an interview (coming soon) but let’s talk about what we learned from the presentation.

1 – Ice Age: Collision Course is full of vibrant colours, almost like ushering in a new age. Well, that’s basically what our herd is experiencing. Instead of just the dull blues, gray’s and whites we have a spectacle of colours and an abundance of purple – which in fact is symbolic but you’ll have to wait for our interview with co-director Galan Chu for that – to lighten up the big screen.

2 – Jessie J plays the new role of Brooke, a new love interest for Sid. Jessie, being a new face, or in this case, a new voice, to the acting world impressed the crew on the very first session as she added her own flavour to Brooke by almost finishing some of her sentences as a song instantly winning everyone over. Spoiler alert: she also performs a song in the film too.

3 – On a musical note, Simon Pegg, who is back after last seeing him in the third Ice Age, also gives us a rousing little operatic number. Pegg actually had a singing coach to help him nail his long crescendo notes. You would never even guess he wasn’t a singer. We think he has a new career to look forward to.


4 – Peaches, voiced by Keke Palmer is in love and about to get married to one of the new characters, Julian, voiced by Adam Devine much to the dismay of Parents, Manny (Ray Romano) and Ellie (Queen Latifah). Even though Julian is a good guy, no one will ever be good enough for Manny’s little girl.

5 – Scrat goes through even more punishment than we’ve ever seen before. Everything that happens to our poor little friend has added humour and pain, almost like an Itchy and Scratchy segment from the Simpsons.

Ice Age: Collision Course is out in UK Cinemas July 15