Ice Age has been thrilling audiences of all ages for – can you believe – the past 15 years, always a big hit with the younger generation which adults can enjoy too, it’s actually the second biggest animated motion picture franchise in the world. With the 5th installment of this franchise can they really bring anything new and deliver a fresh amount of entertainment?

Galan Chu, Animator, and writer since the very beginning of the herd adventure through early history has now moved his way up to the co-directors chair bringing with him the next step in the Ice Age evolution. A mass of purple tones and vibrant colours have a huge impact on bringing a thin plot and at times a drab dialogue to life.

So does our beloved Scrat, who never gives up with his acorn. This time, however, Scrat’s acorn adventures are not just some light comic relief; it’s his antics which take him out into the cosmos that drives this story. He also goes through some of the harshest carton punishment we’ve seen, something quite similar to that of an old Itchy and Scratchy scene from The Simpsons.


Back on Earth, Manny (Ray Romano) and Ellie (Queen Latifah) are finding it hard to let their little girl Peaches (Keke Palmer) grow up and leave the family nest. Peaches is very much in love with new addition Julian (Adam Devine) who she is due to wed. However, as Manny and Ellie try to scare Peaches into staying close and with the return of Buck (Simon Pegg) to help save the day the herd finds themselves on a new adventure not only to save themselves but the world from complete annihilation. Whilst giving a nod to the first of the Ice Age films it still Collision Course has this overwhelming familiarity in its script and plot, they just haven’t moved forward.

Ice Age Collision Course not only has a loyal returning cast but see’s the return of Simon Pegg as Buck (who was last seen in the third film in the franchise). The slightly crazy swashbuckling weasel who by far is the absolute star of the film when he delivers his own operatic little number. It also comes with a whole host of new characters from the Dino Birds to the inhabitants of Geotopia, a huge Geode which a number of animals have set up home. One of those residents is Brooke voiced by Britain’s own unconvincing Jessie J who becomes Sid love interest.


Animation wise, Ice Age: Collision Course is the best in the franchise with spectacular meteor shows and the use of eye popping colours to spark the senses.  The film has crisp and clean imagery with the best comedy coming from our unlucky little acorn chaser. However, very young audiences will fall completely in love.

Ice Age: Collision Course is out in cinemas July 15

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Ice Age: Collision Course
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