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We need to consume enough protein to allow our bodies to function well, synthesizing amino acids needed for building muscles, keeping bones strong, and skin soft. Also, many hormones and enzymes can be synthesized only with enough nutrients in one’s body.

Unfortunately, our modern diet transformed the way that we don’t get enough protein with food. Only after analyzing your meals and making necessary changes towards eating healthier and getting the right amount of protein daily, we can provide our organisms with enough protein content. Here are some ideas on how you can take more protein with foods and other solutions throughout the day to ensure proper nutrition.

Eating More Protein-Rich Products

First of all, you need to introduce more protein-rich products into your diet. And it is not about eating meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You need to come up with a balanced diet containing animal and plant proteins, as well as other nutrients needed for proper body functioning.

Although the main sources of protein are meat, fish, and eggs, many people limit themselves to eating chicken breasts only. However, if we talk about animal protein, a proper diet should include different sources of it, such as poultry, tuna, salmon, shrimps, and dairy products. Even if you just start eating eggs instead of oats for breakfast and snack on cheese, you will increase the protein intake significantly.

One of the latest trends that is worth following is eating more plant proteins. Although they don’t contain all the necessary amino acids needed for the body functions, plants are rich in different combinations of protein and other nutritious content. Legumes, hummus, nuts, oats, quinoa, and chia seeds contain a lot of protein, so make sure to add these products to your meals or snacks.

Taking More Whole Grains

Besides eating animal and plant proteins, you need to think about a balanced diet. It should include vegetables and whole grains to allow the organism to get saturated with useful substances, minerals, and traces in particular. While you may haven’t thought of whole grains as a protein source, you need to know that such products contain a lot of nutritious components.

When choosing between white bread and whole-wheat one, choose the latter. When considering between standard and whole-grain pasta, buy whole-grains. When looking at white and brown rice in a supermarket, you know what to do and what type of food will be healthier and more nutritious for your body. It is because such products contain more protein than their refined counterparts and also contribute to stable energy levels.

Reviewing Your Diet Plan

According to Forbes, it is better to eat in equal amount of protein throughout the day than leaving them for breakfast or dinner only. A graduate intake of roughly thirty grams of protein with each meal reflects a healthy diet with all the nutrients getting absorbed in your body. On the contrary, a diet with almost all the daily dose of proteins during one meal can not only be unhelpful but even worsen your well-being.

Protein Powder

According to The New York Times, protein powders allow consuming enough protein daily effortlessly. Such powders usually come in different pleasant tastes, such as chocolate, strawberry, or creamy, that can then be mixed with water or juice. These products are popular among athletes and people who want to build muscles because they require a bigger daily protein dose.

Although there is no such definition as “too much protein,” it is better not to exceed the recommended dose for daily intake. Scientists recommend getting as much protein as possible with whole foods and only then add the insufficient amount with supplements.

Protein powders are known to be the most concentrated protein-containing solutions, so you need to be very careful with their intake. Also, some supplements contain less protein and are tasty as well, so let’s take a look at such options.

Protein Bars

Low-carb protein bars become pretty popular not only among athletes but everyone. They are healthy and taste good, so no wonder that people interested in getting more protein content turned their attention to such snacks.

As seen on GiftWits, you can find a protein bar with any flavor, from chocolate to birthday cake one. What is more, such products are affordable and won’t take much space in your bag. You can take protein bars to work and eat such snacks instead of sweets or cookies that contain nothing but sugar and fat.

Protein Coffee

With technology advancements, we got a new and easy way to increase protein intake, and that’s protein coffee. It is a simple yet effective combination of ground coffee and protein that doesn’t boost your energy level for a short time. Instead, it sustains energy levels and provides your body with the needed component.

I have personally tried out a Complete Nutrition brand, and I was pleasantly surprised by the ingredients used. This product contains high-quality whey protein and ground Columbian coffee, meaning, no added sugar, and less than a hundred calories per drink. Moreover, as seen on Complete Nutrition, there’s a possibility to get a variety pack to try all the available flavours and choose your favourite one.

Summing It Up

An average person needs around 1.2 grams of protein per kilo body weight. If you don’t consume enough nutrients, you can feel tired, weak, unmotivated, and even develop some health problems.

Protein is responsible for building muscles and supporting other body tissues, such as skin, bones, and organs. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your organism and provide your body with enough protein for proper functioning.
There are many ways of getting more protein, both from foods and supplements. Make sure to eat more protein-rich products, plan your meals to take an equal amount of protein throughout the day, and consider eating or drinking some supplements that allow reaching the necessary dose of this component. By following the ideas described above, you can provide your body with proper nutrition.