Imagine Dragons smash the 02

It was my first time seeing Imagine Dragons tonight and I was unsure what to expect. Fans from all ages came to the O2 to enjoy Imagine Dragons sold out show. The guys kicked off the first London show of their tour with a bang starting off with their hit song ‘I don’t know why’.

Lead singer Dan Reynolds gave a very emotional speech and addressed gun violence in America, He said “ I don’t feel connected with what’s happening in America anymore…I want to teach peace and for people to love each other! It’s not corny or cliché, it’s called equality, love, and peace. I’m leaving politics, religion, sex, and class at the door tonight! Be present with me, do you feel my heart? Are you with me? It’s time for change”

Dan also held a gay pride flag up on stage and wants people to celebrate diversity. He carried on to say  “There’s been a lot of love songs on this album, not saying I’m a good lover and not saying I’m a good love songwriter. I started writing music when I was 13 but I wrote my first one in my early 20’s. I do think love is important; it’s just hard to articulate for me! Since I was young I was a very guilty child and then I became a very guilty 20-year-old. I just turned 30 and I am guilt free”

After a performing a few hits, Dan Reynolds quiets down the audience for them to hear a very important message on mental health.

“There’s a stigma on telling the youth that they are broken if you suffer from depression or anxiety you are not broken. You like many people in the world are suffering from something and you deserve help. I was diagnosed with depression, I felt like I had a broken mind and at that moment I decided that it would be a part of my story. I turned to art and music! I have a therapist and he’s incredible. Talk to somebody, It’s not a scary word. Like look at me… what the hell am I doing? I stand with you and I promise within the grey numbness you will see light! Your life is always worth living! Never take it from us! Demons are about just that.”

From start to finish Imagine Dragons gave an incredible performance. They definitely knew how to get the crowd going. This was definitely the best concert I’ve been too this year! I’d definitely come again; you’ve gained yourself a fan!