No matter who you are, there are certain things you look for when choosing a holiday. Whether you are looking for that perfect beach holiday where you can work on your tan and get some much-needed R&R, or a specific destination that you’ve always wanted to visit.

In order to find out what people are really looking for out of a holiday, Holiday Gems has recently surveyed 1000 people to ask ‘What’s the most important factor when you’re deciding where to go on holiday?’
The main five factors people prioritise are cost, weather, destination, activities and accommodation.

With over 36% of responses, cost is the main thing people look for when choosing a holiday. The survey reveals that 4 in 10 Brits consider cost to be the most important factor. It’s not surprising when you look online and see the number of holiday companies that specialise in last minute and low cost holidays. Many people want to be able to go on holiday, but do not have the freedom of large disposable incomes.

In second place on the list of priorities is weather. 2 in 10 people base their holiday decision on the weather. When booking the perfect holiday, weather can be an incredibly important factor. If you are going to a beach you want it to be warm and sunny, likewise if you want to go skiing you will want the snow to be fresh and fluffy.

Completing the top three holiday requirements is destination. The survey shows that 1 in 10 people will choose their holiday based on the destination. The perfect holiday would be ideally be a culmination of all of these factors, a destination that provides the weather, activities and accommodation you want, all at an affordable price.