Important Things To Do Once You Have Bought Your First Home

After having gone through the process of purchasing your first home and finally settling in, alas, your work is not yet done.

Several small things need taking care of once your purchase has gone through, and a few of them are rather critical.

Maintenance And Minor Upgrades

If you have closed the deal on a brand new home, this detail is not a concern. However, if you have purchased an existing property or a fixer-upper, there is likely work that will need to be done before you can move in. While you may not need to undertake a full-on home remodel, replacing tatty doors with modern options from such as oak internal doors is a great idea to make the home your own. Minor upgrades and maintenance can include an electrical and plumbing check handled by a professional as well as replacing small fittings such as door handles and skirting boards.


It needn’t seem an immediate concern, but getting any planned painting out of the way before moving in is a lot more practical than going about it once you have already moved in. You should use any grace period before taking occupation to sort this out. What’s more, you should consider a fresh coat of paint for the interiors of your home as well as the exteriors. The exterior of your home will give guests the first impression while also impacting the curb appeal of the property.

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Review Your Cover

You may have started looking into your home cover, and in many cases, the bank which holds your bond will provide your home insurance. This may seem like a problem that has solved itself, but you need to review what is covered and look into aspects that may not be. This includes theft and vandalism. Best to rather be safe than sorry.

Upgrading Security

There’s no arguing the sheer importance of home security. Ensure that your new home has sufficient burglar proofing on the windows. Also, look at ways to secure the perimeter. Electric fencing is still a good option. You may also want to add security cameras. There are quite a few DIY security systems readily available that won’t cost you a fortune either. Such systems usually include security cameras and other features that will secure your home.

Change All The Locks

Irrespective of whether or not you trust the previous owners, by the time you have purchased the home, the keys have most likely been handed around quite a bit for showing purposes. It is best to replace all the locks, particularly the entrances to your home.

Meet The Neighbours

The days of neighbourhoods greeting newcomers with casserole and cakes are long gone. To make the acquaintance of your numbers, you will most likely have to take up a proactive approach. There are plenty of benefits to knowing your neighbours, from having someone to water your plants while you are away, to someone to keep an eye out for any trouble.