Tentmakers is a new Independent Music Collective hailing from the US, making music that could be described as Alternative Christian.

Their latest single Science Faith Emptiness, released on 16th November 2018, takes us on a spiritual journey that is moving from start to finish.

Science Faith Emptiness was written about feelings of uncertainty in religion, they wanted to question why there is a need to fill a vacuum in our lives with something greater than ourselves. The track aims to provide listeners with an understanding that having questions about science, faith and lostness are normal however this isn’t to say that God wouldn’t accept you.

Tentmakers is undeniably rooted in spirituality, which is reflected in their epic, hauntingly unique sound. You are just as likely to hear toy music box in a Tentmakers song as you are to hear a guitar solo. Tentmakers has an honest and authentic songwriting style. Their new single ‘Science Faith Emptiness’ is a beautiful, ethereal song that wrestles through the universal questions we have about God and Religion.

Lead singer Jeremy Dorrough grew up moving around six different continents until finally landing in Northwest, Washington. He draws on his multicultural influences to add new depth to the music o Tentmakers.

Since Tentmakers launched just a few months ago they have racked up over 180,000 streams across Facebook, Spotify and YouTube. Their most popular single No Height reached over 30,000 streams on Spotify, a huge achievement for an artist at this stage in their career.

Tentmakers could be described as a group of chain breakers, game changers, and dream chasers. Tentmakers doesn’t just sing to their fans; they take them on volunteer project trips around the world. They have provided aid to human trafficking victims, the poor, and those suffering preventable diseases in places including Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal and India.

The whole message behind this band is that we can all step out and start making a difference using the unique gifts and talents that we have; it just takes a little faith and a willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of others.

Tentmakers have dreams that go above and beyond a musical reach, they aim for positive change and environmental healing. With the release of Science, Faith Emptiness on 16th November they hope to bring this message out in the open.