LinkedIn as a platform has emerged as a go-to application for prospective job searcher and providers alike.

From top-rated companies such as Boston Consulting Group, Dalberg to influential entrepreneurs such as Jonathan Javier (founder of Wonsulting), this business and employment-oriented online service allows you to connect and follow them all.

Given the standard of contacts that this platform holds, your thriving business could definitely skyrocket by establishing interesting contacts and high-quality leads. But, who should approach? How do to choose the perfect fit?

The Indications

While there are numerous LinkedIn Lead Generation service providers, finding the one that suits your specific needs, or the one who understands and attends to your specific needs is easier said than done.

Your choice of the service provider should attract more of their ideal clients using LinkedIn. Their LinkedIn Lead Generation service should be carefully designed to build your online presence whilst also accurately reflecting your brand and positioning you as a trusted leader in your industry.

Therefore, to nurture those high-quality leads, ensure that the company you choose is willing to go to extends through:

1.   Cold messaging and Emailing

Your choice of LinkedIn lead Generation Service Provider should not be afraid of constant yet strategised cold messaging and emailing. Typically, a good agency will cap their messages to a minimum of 500 people per month and capture those leads, for you to turn into new sources of business and revenue.

2.   Network Expansion

They broaden your online reach and awareness about your business and connect you with more of your target audience, industry influencers and referral partners. Keep in mind, they should not just help you form connections, but building viable relationships, and mutually beneficial closing deals.

3.   Engaging Content

They engage in curating valuable content which is consistently shared with your target market. This can be done through an integrating of cold calling, cold email and appointment setting offering with our LinkedIn lead generation services to deliver maximum value.

4.   Profile Optimisation

They should ensure that your key employees have a strong, conversion-focused Linkedin profile. By making essential tweaks on your profile such as suggesting a friendly yet professional picture for your account, a strong and assertive summary and filtering your connection requests by adding the most relevant ones, they should have it all covered.

5.   Adopt a Multi-Channel Lead Generation Approach

Willing to tailor their LinkedIn Lead generation services to your business goals through integrating cold calling, cold email and appointment setting implemented with their LinkedIn lead generation services to deliver maximum value.

If your choice ticks all the five boxes then you very indeed have made the right choice!

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