After capturing attention with their infectious debut ‘Caffeine, Honey,’ indie rock band My Perfect Sunday returns with a killer conceptual EP dubbed ‘Concrete & Countryside.’ 

‘Concrete & Countryside’ is very loosely conceptual in its content. The EP investigates the universal predicaments of change, loneliness, forced situations and attachment to a place.

“With the nature of releasing music in today’s climate, we thought that Concrete & Countryside should have a through-line or share a common thread or story, from the lyrics, to the music,” said Ryan Sorensen.

“This is our first tour and we’ve wanted to do something like this since we originally spoke about the EP. It’s important to us that we’re doing shows in Katoomba, Dubbo and Milton as well as major city dates in NSW and the ACT to really hit home the special themes of Concrete & Countryside,” he said.

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