marriot renaissance hotel

Renaissance Hotels has launched an intriguing videos series entitled ‘The Navigators Table’.

The Navigators Table showcases five different cities (which you can watch below) London of course, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, and Barcelona. During each series, local influencers share their views on why they love their city and we also get a chance to take a peek inside each Renaissance Hotel.

The Renaissance Hotels exude luxury and is the perfect setting for this series. The creatives involved, the influencers and the food will leave you wanting, dreaming and longing to be there. The London episode sees music through food (my favourite type of night out) a very eclectic set of features that comes together to create these immersive events, but keep watching and you’ll see the other episode from Amsterdam, Hamburg, Paris, and Barcelona.

marriot renaissance hotel
Guess which episode is this photo from?

I could go on and on, talking forever, however, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well if this is the case, how many words is a video worth?? We’ll leave you to decide the answer to that.

The Navigator Programme

The Navigator Programme via Renaissance Hotels is a unique programme that enables you to live like a local while staying at the Renaissance Hotels. Every Renaissance hotel has an onsite Navigator available to help you find the best local experiences. This is concierge at its best.