We found this story and literally couldn’t help but to post it. Elite model Sarah Stage isn’t like any other pregnant woman we’ve EVER seen before!

This gorgeous model is 8 months pregnant, but by looking at her belly in ALL of the photos below you’d never guess! Her pregnant body is literally insane, so insane we are actually finding it hard to believe. Ladies prepare yourself for the ultimate feeling of envy. Take a look at the images below as we recap her 8 months of pregnancy via her instagram.

Prepare to be gobsmacked!

1 month pregnant

sarah stage 1 Months Pregnant

2 months pregnant

sarah stage 2 Months Pregnant

3 months pregnant

sarah stage 3 Months Pregnant

4 months pregnant

sarah stage 4 Months Pregnant

5 months pregnant

sarah stage 5 Months Pregnant

6 months pregnant

sarah stage 6 Months Pregnant

7 months pregnant

sarah stage 7 Months Pregnant

8 months pregnant

sarah stage 8 Months Pregnant

Leave your comment’s below, do you think this is real? Does she looks gorgeous or abnormal?

(Images: Instagram, Life Without Andy)