dionne-smithThe Hair Dressers Eye is one of the UK’s leading top hair and beauty blogs, dedicated to bringing you the juiciest gossip from the beauty and hair world and delivering the best reviews, interviews, personal stories and guides within the UK.

Founded by celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith, who boasts an impressive clientele list ranging from Naomi Campbell, Chanel Iman to Genevieve Nnaji and a regular columnist at Okay Nigeria and Black Hair Magazine, Dionne founded the Hairdressers Eyes with the intension to make it the web’s number one destination to gain a fresh and unique insight into the world of Hair, beauty and all things Luxurious. The blog consistently keeps readers at the forefront of the hair, lifestyle and beauty realm by covering hair and beauty reviews, events, tutorials and competitions with the aim to give quick slices of beauty news as well as honest opinion and reviews for the beauty, hair and lifestyle consumer.

Featured in Black Hair Magazine, Black Hair and Beauty Magazine and OK Nigeria, Dionne Smith has created The Hair Dressers Eyes as a place to talk about products and experiences bringing her consumer honest and frank reviews about hair and beauty products, as well as luxury goods, hotels, spas and everything pertaining to feeling good and having a luxurious lifestyle.

The Hair Dressers Eyes aim to review and showcase products and places that are excellent, beautiful, and exciting, as well as give a no holds barred point of view on products that aren’t so good.

Advertising Policy: We now take selected ads in an open fashion, affiliate linking and sponsored posts which are clearly labelled. Dionne Smith has worked within the hair, beauty and lifestyle industry for fifteen years, living and breathing in its world. Dionne is excited by the prospect of uncovering new products, places and things to brag about as well as the places to warn her readers against. To find out more about us and what we are up to visit http://thehairdresserseyes.com or https://twitter.com/DionneSmithHair