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If you’re like me and totally instagram obsessed; well you’ve come to the right place. Here’s seven of my favourite places to snap!

Los Angeles is much more than just celebrities and movie sets, it’s a dream come true for some people and it is truly heaven for those insta lovers. Other than the usual tourist hotspots, there’s so much more to see! If you try living like a local, you’ll find some real gems.

1. The Iconic Pink Wall

LA natives aren’t as keen on this insta hotspot and you’ll probably get called ‘Basic’ from afar but it’s completely worth it. The Pink wall is insanely good for anyone’s instagram aesthetic. Your followers will pretty much worship you after this post.

Iconic Pink Wall

You’ll find this giant pink wall on the side of Paul Smith on Melrose Avenue.

2. Café Habana Malibu

Slightly pricey and a bit of a drive from Central LA but Café Habana is the place to be! The food is pretty good and the portion sizes are insane, I basically had to take most of it back to our apartment. This café has had many famous visitors and is said to be Harry Styles’s favourite place in Malibu.

Café Habana Malibu


LACMA is pretty awesome! It’s basically the LA museum of art with pretty lights outside. If you want to visit inside the museum, it’s usually free for LA country residents and only free for all visitors on the second Tuesday of every month…But hey at least your free to take as many photos by the lights without any fee! I totally recommend taking photos here just before the sun sets, golden hour is insane in Los Angeles.


4. Disney California

We all know Disney is pretty magical and Disney California is just that! You’re basically guaranteed sunny weather in a city that hardly rains! Slightly more expensive then Disneyland Paris but totally worth it! Make sure you buy the park hopper ticket!

Disney California

5. Lemonade

Lemonade is a great lunch spot, located in various locations around LA! Ironically they do great lemonade.


6. The Grove

The Grove is a big outdoor shopping centre and is perfect for instagram! Nearer Christmas time, The Grove is decorated.

The Grove

7. Will Rogers State Beach

I love this beach! It’s pretty quite and isn’t as packed as Santa Monica or Venice! This would be a great place to go, not only to relax but too finally take beach pictures without anyone staring.

Will Rogers State Beach