The majority of people will live in a home that is fully furnished and not a completely blank canvas in which to start on.

Whether you bought your furniture yourself, or have inherited them over the years from friends and family, it is quite unlikely that you went out and bought a brand new full set of matching furniture for every room. You may instead have some newer pieces from when you moved in, and a table or two that has been passed down through your family, or a sofa that some friends gave you when you first moved in.

Mixing your furnishings may seem like a daunting prospect, but don’t let it put you off integrating all the items of furniture you want to have included in your home décor. There are a few different ways you can make sure that your old furniture will work in a new space.


If your room is styled in a bright and modern way, but you feel that a vintage touch would just top it off, then you are best using vintage furniture. Sofas and chairs are always a good way to bring modern and traditional together, and a beautiful vintage leather sofa such as these by Sylvester Oxford can really help bring an air of comfort to your room.

If your item of furniture feels too vintage to stand alone, and sticks out like a sore thumb, then you can easily help to blend it in with the rest of your style by using throws, cushions, table cloths and more.


Art is a wonderful way to bring traditional and contemporary styles together. With your furnishings just how you want them, hanging a few more vintage pictures on your walls can really help bring a homely feel to a room.

Artwork is especially good for matching décor styles if the art has passed down through your family; it is a great way to put your stamp on your style while integrating more sentimental pieces into a room.


If you have furnished your new room with a few items of flat pack furniture while you save up for more larger items, then the easiest way to integrate more vintage styles into a room is to accessorize. Use quilts passed down from family members to cover beds and furniture, and choose vintage picture frames to decorate your walls.

You can pick up some really beautiful old trinkets at flea markets and sometimes the smallest addition, such as a vase, can really give a room an extra vintage dimension.


There are a number of different ways to achieve a vintage feel in a room just by the different colours and patterns you choose for your walls and furnishings. For more of a shabby chic look, you could white wash your walls or even give an old piece of furniture a new lick of paint.

If you want to use bright and bold colours, then go with floral patterns on your curtains or simply a textured fabric would help to bring an edge of traditional vintage style across your windows.

There are a number of different vintage print wallpapers you can get from your nearest household retailer, or if you are feeling brave, you could even crack out the paintbrush and have a go yourself!




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