photo credit: Benjo Arwas

‘Black-ish’ actor Allen Maldonado must be one of the busiest men in Hollywood, the multi-talented star, since starring in Straight Outta Compton, has been working on a number of projects from TV to Film and even his own mobile app for short films.

Maldonado returns to ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ later this year as ‘Curtis,’ the assistant to Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson” (Anthony Anderson).  Maldonado took some time out from his extremely busy schedule to chat to us about the series and his MANY projects he is working on. 

You return to ABC’s Black-ish later this year, the series even though a sitcom, is important for showing diversity on our TV screens. Was this a consideration for you when going for the part?

Of course, everything I go in for is a stance for diversity and merging the lines between racism and culture. A human story is a human story the only difference is the culture they live by.

What’s the most important aspect of a role that makes you really want to be part of that project?

The character must have heart, substance, and play a part in conveying the message of the film.

You star in the upcoming film, Ringside which premieres in September; can you give us some insight into the story and your role?

I play ‘Spencer Collier’, the Welter Weight Champion of the World. I’m a cocky, fast talking, wealthy boxer that takes on all challenges that get in his way, while verbally abusing his opponents at every opportunity possible. We have some great boxing in the film, and I’m excited for the world to see it. Shout out to Russ Parr for directing a great film.

photo credit Benjo Arwas
photo credit Benjo Arwas

How much time in training did you have to endure for the role of Spencer Collier?

Fortunately, I train as a boxer in my spare time so it took me a month to get in shape for the film. I had to bulk up so I had to lift more weights than usual but it was intense two a day workouts for a month.

You are also currently filming new comedy Where’s The Money alongside Mike Epps, what can we expect from the film, Will it get a UK release?

This film is fun and full of laughs. We have Terry Crews, King Bach, and Kat Graham rounding out the cast, so you can only expect big laughs with this phenomenal group of actors. I would hope for a UK release I think it would do well there.

You worked alongside the legend that is Denzel Washington in The Equalizer – What was it like to work with Denzel and did he give you any fine nuggets of advice?

It’s a dream come true as an actor. It wasn’t more of what he said to me, but more of just observing a master at his craft, and follow suit. The lessons I’ve learnt just from watching him work live on set, are priceless moments I will carry with me throughout my entire career.

I felt exhausted just reading through your endless list of projects you have on the go. How do you manage to fit everything in? Do you have much of a personal life?

I don’t sleep lol. Seriously, I have a great team of people surrounding me that help me accomplish all these great things. So it’s a team effort. Shout out to my assistant Alanna and my manager Robert whom I’m proud to say we’ve been working together over 15 years. I live to love, and I love what I do, so my personal life is always injected into what I do. That’s how I keep balanced.

Tell us about your new Mobile App ‘Everybody Digital’

Everybody Digital is a new, short film app that I’m launching in Jan 2017 and will be available on all devices. It will feature award winning short films from around the world along with original series and films. I urge all filmmakers who have short films and short form media to submit your projects today at

What was your inspiration behind the app?

I noticed that most short filmmakers have projects just sitting on their computers after a great festival run because they have no quality outlet after to reach an audience. We intend to change that by creating a worldwide distribution network through the app. Please submit your work at we would love to feature your work.

Which of your latest projects is closest to your heart and why?

Wow, that’s tough. I’m currently shooting a film in New York titled “First Match” that has an amazing story about a young girl and her father that is really going to move people. But, Everybody Digital has my heart because I believe it will help so many other actors and filmmakers.