Later this month award winning singer/songwriter, Bridget Kelly, embarks on her first ever UK tour with Punch Touring.

The lovely and very beautiful Ms Kelly sat down with us to discuss her UK Tour, working with Jay-z and her new EP ‘Summer if 17’

This is the first time you have toured the UK, what are you looking forward to the most while you’re here?

Really looking forward to meeting new fans! It will be my first time performing these songs on the UK so I’m ecstatic!

Why was now the right time for you to bring your tour to the UK?

I hadn’t released new music in almost 2yrs, so to be able to put a project out independently and work it, is a blessing! I feel like a new artist, so I’m getting to do shows in new places. The U.K. has always shown me so much love and support.

You’ll have a live band accompanying you on stage, how much rehearsal time do you need to have with the band in order to prepare?

We’ve rehearsed quite a few times, for 2-3hrs at a time. I think of the shows as rehearsal too, we get better and more comfortable with ad libs and transitions. We try to create a fun musical experience.

Bridget Kelly 1

You’ve toured with Jay-Z, have much of an influence has he had on you?

He taught me to be patient with myself, with my craft, and to always make sure I’m having fun. I remember him saying; when you stop having fun it’s time to stop.

You’ve collaborated with some pretty major stars already in your career such as Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Kelly Clarkson, what was it like to work alongside these guys?

Humbling, to say the least! Working with other artists is so much fun; I think it’s important to collab with people whose music you respect. It challenges you to dig deeper and get more out of what you create.

‘Special Delivery’ was a breakthrough hit for you; did you ever expect it to be as big a hit as it was?

I knew “Special Delivery” was special as soon as I performed it for the first time at the Essence Festival a few years ago. The audience has always loved and been receptive to it.

You have an EP out ‘Summer of 17’ and your new single is taken from it and is called ‘Act Like That’ featuring Mack Wilds what is the song about?

Basically the song is a fun flirty exchange between a guy and a girl. They both got egos but still want the same thing: a sexy summer hook up!

Tell us about the inspiration behind the EP.

I wanted to make upbeat happy songs that reminded me of how carefree and lovesick I was at 17, so I wrote songs that made me think/feel that way.  Having fun, finding myself, falling in love. Life experiences that happened while I was young that I would love to go through again.

You’ve already won a Grammy for your songwriting, what else would you like to achieve before you leave this earth?

Definitely interested in hosting more tv shows, maybe do some acting/voice-overs. I love to travel, so I can’t wait to see more of the world, I feel like my work will take me there.

If you were to invite us round for dinner who else would be your perfect dinner guest and what music could we expect to enjoy?

There would be a mash up of Sade and jazz playing in the background with lots of wine flowing (red, preferably) and my loud hilarious friends! We like to make chicken or steak & pasta, something hearty and delicious!