Rising British newcomer Chinchilla is back with new track ‘The Lockdown Getdown’.

Since most of us are on lockdown, Chinchilla’s upbeat new track ‘The Lockdown Getdown’ is set to get you through it.  If you wanna dance in your pyjamas all day then this track is for you.

We chatted to Chinchilla about her new track and body positivity.

Tell us about your track ‘The Lockdown Getdown’.

It’s an ode to staying fabulous through a pandemic. Flirting with your postman and wearing your finest attire while drinking a g+t.

What’s your songwriting process like? Do you have a ritual?

It varies depending on who I’m writing with or whether I’m writing by myself. I usually come up with a lyric or melody in the shower or while on the tube – somewhere inconvenient obviously… then I record it on voice memos and get it down when I can on logic, put a beat or chords behind it and go from there.

The pandemic has changed how artists create. Was this hard to adjust to?

It meant I couldn’t have as many songwriting sessions with others, but I’m lucky in that I produce a lot of my own music, so I can do a lot of writing in my bedroom set up at home. There was a lot of solo writing/producing through the UK heatwave in underwear going on, gave me a whole lot of new flavours though…

What’s your favourite track you’ve written? Is there any you regret or now see differently?

One of my favourite tracks I’ve written is ‘shadows’, which is maybe because of how close the lyrics are to my heart. That song is very honest and very personal. In terms of regretting a song. Not really no… I think thoughts and opinions change as we grow and learn and develop and have more life experience, but I don’t necessarily regret viewpoints or styles I’ve lived through, I just may not 100% agree with all of them in the same way now.

Who would be your dream collaboration and why?

Mark Ronson – I’ve always loved his stuff. He’s an amazing producer and writer and I just know we could make something glorious together! 

What’s the hardest thing about being a woman in an industry that is dominated by men?

Being spoken over or controlled. Those specific men making degrading jokes to you because either you’re the sex object butt of the joke or you’re an honorary ‘one-of-the-boys’ expected to laugh along at the expense of other girls… *eye-roll*

You previously wrote an essay on body positivity. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with Body Confidence?

I’d actually say just try to completely take it off your mind. I get obsessive about my body when I have the time to be staring at it loads (so lockdown wasn’t great) – even if you’re hammering positive messages into yourself like ‘I love my body’ ‘I am perfect’ ‘I love my rolls’ you are still centring the whole of your being on your body and what you look like… confidence comes from the inside – so if you distract yourself entirely with things that make you feel happy, you’ll naturally love yourself more, and in turn love and accept your body and appearance. Go on walks, play games, meet friends, go on dates, do your passion.

How can we follow your lead to be the change and start promoting body positivity?

By not following a leader at all at being unapologetically YOURSELF. Body positivity is a big journey that I’m nowhere near the end of, it takes time to work through it and relearn things. Do things to make yourself feel sexy – light your room nicely in candles and warm lighting, wear nice underwear, take pictures, have candlelit baths while burning lavender oil, candlelit dinners, music, wine – why do we only do this stuff when we’re in relationships? Self-love is about doing stuff for ourselves. 

What would be the theme tune to your life?

 ‘Love On Top’ by Beyonce. It’s just my favourite song of all time – I play it on every celebratory day in my life without fail! 

As the year is almost over, What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Oh boy… at this point, simply a world without a global pandemic would be lovely. The importance of littler things has come to light this year – filling life with love, friends, family, inner happiness. I can’t wait to play gigs and hug strangers afterwards; I miss that a lot.

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