Docta Dee is the 22-year old London native who incorporates Hip-Hop with Afrobeats. He has entered a milestone in his career by releasing his first ever mixtape ‘Mandatory’ a more Hip-Hop orientated project which he describes as a reflection of his trials and tribulations. Flavourmag caught up with the promising rapper to get the insight into his new music.

Firstly, what drew you to make music Docta Dee?
Growing up in a musical family made it easy for me to fall in love with it. The only thing different was I fell in love with my book of rhymes. I wrote a lot of songs from the age of 10 and I haven’t stopped ever since. But going church every week kept me around live music which led to me grabbing the mic and performing in front of many people. I am now a young entrepreneur & a graduate, the certificate was for my parents but now I get to do what I love.

You recently released your debut afrobeats single ‘Tele Mi’, what attracted you to the afro beats genre in particular?
I grew up around Don Jazzy & Kas beats on the keys and drums and I watched them pioneer a movement. I realised as an artist you have to make good music and your job is to entertain. Talking to my older brother he told me to go for it and I loved seeing people react to my music in different ways. The right club banger will have everyone dancing.

Who is your favourite afrobeat artist at the moment? And do you use them as inspiration?
My favourite afro artist in general is MI, and he inspires me to be myself on a track and rap my ass off. You can still bring Hip-hop elements to the afrobeat scene to show your skills, and he is up there with the greatest.

So you have a new mixtape, your first, called ‘Mandatory’ why did you decide to title it that?
The title is a statement saying this is something I have to do. I can’t live without it

What can fans expect on the mixtape, will it be strictly afrobeats?
This mixtape is different from my commercial releases; first of all it’s a Hip-hop project. Fans can expect real stories, real emotions and an introduction to who I am.

What made you want to go in this musical direction and depart from afrobeats?
The key skill every artist should have is versatility. Hip-hop is my first love, but as a song writer my job is to make good music regardless of the genre. I’m trying to bring that link to UK Hip-hop & Afrobeats ann add my own twist to it. I entertain without being boxed so I will be dropping a lot of Hip-hop projects and Afrobeat projects very soon!

What song on the mixtape is your personal favourite and means the most to you?
All of the tracks are my favourite but my playlist shows I listen to ‘Preachers Son’ the most.

You previously told Flavourmag that you would love to sign to 50 cent, is he still the front runner or are there any other labels you dream of signing to?
I would love to keep moving forward independent with my own label. But if the right opportunity comes along I would consider what is best for myself and team mates. But if 50 cent called just know Flavourmag would be the first to get the exclusive.

As you said do have your own label MoneyUpMusic, do you see it competing one day with major labels?
God willing it will be up there with the best! My team DJ KA, DJ KARMA, Mista Marcus & Capo all working towards doing great things.

If you weren’t a musician, could you see yourself doing anything else?
Anything I do would be music related but I love the hustle, the business side to music also.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?
I see myself in the MoneyUpMusic office, marketing the next big act, smiling and looking back at how I was grinding to get that opportunity.

Finally is there anything you would like to tell the Flavourmag readers?
Work hard and have a good time. Enjoy doing what you love, whatever it is you love doing just have faith and never give up. Everybody deserves a chance. Also my mixtape is available to download on Datpiff and check out my music on my YouTube channel. Much love to all.

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