The music scene in Australia has been evolving with artists’ such as Sampa the Great, Remi and others like them they’ve been making the world stop and listen to the talent coming from the other side of the globe.

Emerging Sydney MC Sam Hunter has worked with notable Sydney hip hop artists’ such as L-Fresh the Lion and MC Mirrah, whilst having his own rapping career span over the years. His latest project ‘Once a week EP’ which is full of smooth hip hop beats and relatable lyrical content showcases Sam’s talent and versatility. Sam is also gearing up to release a new single featuring MC Ruste Juxx from New York City next month. 

We sit down with Sam and chat about his upcoming projects, his favourite ice-cream flavour and why he has Europe in his sights. 

What projects are you working on next?

Next month I will be releasing a single that I’ve worked on all year. It features Duck Down records MC Ruste Juxx (NYC). Classic hip hop track that I’m sure people are going to bop to! There’s also talk in my camp about my debut album. Zig Parker and I have some funky tunes that focus more on my singing and melodic rapping. I can’t wait for 2018.

Tell us about your latest EP, how did you come up with the concept?

The EP is so personal and covers an expanse of stories I’ve experienced. My production has a lot of evolving to do and I’m always learning. However I felt everything I created myself here was organic and, timeless. From January to March 2017 I was just having fun! Parties/shows/spiritual happenings … this helped me relax and not focus too hard on what I wanted to create, but just did it. I produced 1 song a week until I had enough to choose from, then released a song “Once a week” for 6 weeks.

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour and why?

Great question! Lemon sorbet on a scorching summers days … tart, acidic, sweet and refreshing all at once. That’s what my palette screams for.

Have you ever played in Europe? Would you like to?

Yes, only in Switzerland where it all started in 2006. I was with an independent back then called “Soulful Records.” We used to perform around Zurich/Baden and appear on radio shows!  Europe is my main focus. Let’s set up a tour for 2018. I’m talking every country, no stone left unturned.

If you could jump on the beat with anyone, who would it be?

Right now I would say, Action Bronson. Love that mans passion and energy… I also want to brew him some speciality coffee and try his cuisine.

You perform with notable Aussie artists such as L-Fresh and Mirrah, what’s it like working with them?

Working with them is like, meeting your childhood idol. Then befriending them and they don’t actually disappoint you, rather just keep pushing and sparking a wonderful positive energy. To say the least… what a blast it is! I pinch myself most days.

How do you think hip hop has progressed in Australia?

When I returned in 2010, I had no idea what was happening. It was like learning a whole different language whilst hanging upside down. At times I’ve felt alienated. It is progressively getting less frowned upon to be a hip hop artist here in Sydney, I feel. The underground has masses of talent, we just need more professionalism and platforms where we can showcase our talent globally. I feel as if the tides are changing though, for the better. From Adelaide to Burn city, Sydney to Brisbane and finally Perth… I see creativity and diversity in all styles! It’s great.



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