If the recent cold snap has got you feeling down and you’re not quite ready to succumb to the scarf, hat, and gloves combo yet then have no fear, Joey Essex is here to brighten up your day!

Swapping his Hoverman outfit for a green screen, TOWIE star Joey Essex partnered up withThe Sims 3 Seasons and Channel 5’s very own weathergirl Sian Welby to give you a weather forecast that includes warm fronts, heavy rain and intense thunderstorms. Be sure to catch these awesome new features in The Sims 3 Seasons out now! After watching Joey present I had a stab at it myself, I  then caught up with Joey to get the inside scoop on all things TOWIE and more.

So how’s things Joey?
Yeah good thanks.

How did you find presenting the weather for Sims 3 Seasons ?
It was a good Laugh! I’ve done green screen before but never actually presented the weather properly, I was on Day Break once and done it for a laugh!

If you could put some of the TOWIE cast in to the Sims game, who would you put in and what would you do with them?
I would put Arg and take him to the gym, Tom, and take him to get his eyebrows waxed and Diags to get a facial. (Laughs)

When can we expect more of TOWIE?
Well we’ve got the Christmas special coming up, so that’s something to look forward to.

In TOWIE there’s a bit of a divide between the boys, you’ve got you, Diags, Tom, Arg, then you’ve got Mario, Little Chris and Ricky. Is there a genuine divide?
The thing is with me and the other boys is we’ve all been mates from young, like I’ve known Tom since I was four and I’ve grown up with James since I was a kid, that’s why we’re so close. With the other boys, I think it’s only Mario and little Chris who actually really know each other, the rest are friends because they see each other around and on set and things like that.

Some of the other TOWIE cast members have gone on to do other things, like Mark Wright, Amy Childs just released an eyelash line, Lauren’s got her very own fake tan out, do you plan on branching off, got any new ventures?
I’m still very much into TOWIE, I’ve got ideas, but at the moment I’m sticking with TOWIE. You’ll see when I bring saink out wont ya! Oh yeah I’ve got my calendar aint I! (Laughs)

A lot of people admire your style, who is your biggest style icon that inspires you?
It’s my own thing put together, for a laugh I’ve always said Justin Biber, Zac Efron and Danny Zuko. That’s not a lie like I actually think they’re cool, like Danny and his leather jacket and that is quite cool.

‘Spice Girls were quite fit, I liked Posh!’

If you brought out a clothing line, what kind of things would we see?
I’ve thought about this for a long time actually, I wouldn’t do a whole line of stuff; I would want to make limited addition stuff, once it sells out it’s gone. Just basic stuff like jeans, t-shirts, my look is skinny jeans, white tshirt, Hermes belt and maybe a pair of UGG boots or trainers, that’s pretty much it, basic.

Cool, so, how’s Hoverman, anymore hovering about?
Nah he aint been out recently, the suit’s still at home, and the shoes are still on the door step, they’re recharging to do another hover. (Laughs)

I’ve seen you tweet people like Wretch 32, I take it you’re a fan, what other artists do you listen too?
I listen to a lot of house music, I like grime and that, like Boy Better Know,  they’re like the only people who are in Grime nowadays. I like some commercial music like Justin Biber, I went to Nikki Minaj concert the other day that was fun, I like her.

If you could pick an actor to play you in a movie who would you pick?
Jim Carey (Laughs) everyone says I’m the Essex version of Jim Carey.

What song would you pick for the movie soundtrack?
My one would be errrm, that’s a well hard one man, you gotta get back to me on that one.

Who was your celebrity crush while growing up?
I forgot her name, that one on High School Musical, the one with the blonde hair, I can’t remember man. (Laughs) Spice Girls were quite fit, I liked Posh! (Laughs)

If you was an animal what animal would you be and why?
Some sort of bird because then you could fly to Spain or Marbs, you don’t have to call up Easy Jet. (Laughs)

Awesome, and finally what can we expect from you in the near future?
A lot more fun, a lot more happiness, well I’ve been quite happy recently but I can’t really say too much, just keep it locked.

Look out for TOWIE back on our TV screens next week and be sure to grab The Sims 3 Seasons for all Sims lovers this Christmas!