With legendary iconic support, superior mixing skills and a exceptional work ethic, Jordan Suckley has justifiably been consistently flagged as ‘one to watch,’ by some of the most high-ranking magazines from Trance International to Mix Mag.

Signed to ‘Spinnin Records’ and hailing from the North West of England, this 27 year old House and Trance DJ and Producer, has launched himself into the spotlight with his own show on BBC Radio One, numerous plays by distinguished DJ’s, features on renowned compilations and not forgetting his vivacious, yet technical performances when thrust in front of three decks and a crowd!  Evidently, a patent example of tenacity, humbleness and enthusiasm, we talked to Jordan about his highlights, future projects and taking the day off!

Your career rocketed after the competition you entered at 18, have you always wanted to be a DJ?

Well I’ve literally always loved music. I was playing tracks from an early age, because I loved the hardcore stuff, but it was Kevin and Perry’s movie that was really made me want to become a DJ. (Laughs) My friend got some decks at 16/17 and once we started experimenting I knew that was it! I studied Business and Marketing at University, but that was always a plan B to be honest.

You’ve secured a monthly slot on Radio one, forming the ‘In new DJ’s we trust.’ How did that come about?

Basically in July last year, they contacted my management and asked me to do a pilot for them, so I listened to a couple of other people’s shows for reference and ideas, then sent one over.  I was in communications for about eight months, but I didn’t actually hear that I’d been successful until February/March. On my show I cover everything you expect to hear on a trance night, so that includes a warm up, house music, aggressive, uplifting trance and some tech trance as well. Pretty much a party!

So we know we can trust you, what other five endearing qualities do you think you possess?

I’m a very positive person and a Doer, so I like to get things done from the moment I wake up. I’d say I’m a happy and passionate person and also a little bit crazy as well.

Jordan, do you ever think you’ve had to mentally transition from being a clubber to a DJ?

I don’t think I have ever changed; I’m still just as mental (laughs). I suppose before I used dance a lot more, (which is probably why I have so much energy), but I always have the arm of appreciation.

You’ve supported artists at events from Good Greef and Creamfields to Gatecrasher. What have been your highlights so far and do you ever get star struck?

Yeah, I do get star struck sometimes, but it is more through massive respect rather than ‘look at that DJ.’  One of my highlights happened a year ago at the Radio One Ibiza party for Judgement Sundays, as it was absolutely incredible, especially when Judge Jules jumped on the decks with me. I would say another massive highlight was getting the Radio One show.

Have you had a moment where you suddenly felt overwhelmed at the realisation that you were successfully living your dream?

I don’t think I’ve made it, but I do get moments when I have to take a step back and think ‘wow, it’s actually happening.’ Last year I was on tour for a month, I did two gigs in Australia, travelled to four cities, spent a week in Bali and then a week in Ibiza. That was surreal, overwhelming and just incredible!

You have produced and released a lot of your own original tracks on colossal labels. Are there any projects in the pipeline?

Absolutely loads! Before I got the opportunity on Radio One, I used to produce every single day, but now my schedule is more hectic, I actually have to schedule time to make a track. I have a remix with Simon Patterson for a track called ‘Always,’ which is on the Trance Anthem. I have a lot of originals, (as I love the production side), as well as a collaboration with John O’ Callaghan and a remix with TyDi from Australia as well. At this time, I think I have a lot of tracks that are already out there and yet to be released, so it’s all good

2011/12 has been mind blowing for you in terms of success and repeat bookings. In terms of the club experience in an overseas setting, what’s been the best?

100 percent Argentina! The people are completely different and the scene is similar to what it used to be here back 1999; wall-to-wall packed every single Friday and Saturday. On Tuesday, I played for 2000 people and it was absolutely incredible and they really go for it there. You know the expression ‘dance like nobody is watching?’ That’ s what they are like and I love it!

With such a hectic schedule, what do you do to unwind?

To be honest I try to give myself a day off, (because being a DJ can make you a bit of a loner), but it never really happens, as I work from the moment I wake to the time I go to sleep. When I can, I grab a brew and go to my friend’s as he lives around the corner. He’s a DJ as well so knows what it’s like to have a hectic lifestyle.

What’s next for Jordan?

I am playing in 8 festivals this summer. I will be headlining Creamfields, playing at the Electrocity festival in Poland, Dance Island in Hawaii and Australia later in the year. This year I have lots of gigs and lots of new music coming out.

To find out more about Jordan, visit Alternatively you can catch him on Facebook or Twitter @jordansuckley.

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