International music icon and Bollywood songstress Nindy Kaur is raising the bar with the launch of her new single ‘Save The World’, the pure adrenaline, feel-good dance anthem of 2012, is available now for download on ITunes. Appealing to the masses, ‘Save The World’ boasts a unique fusion of an up-tempo and addictive mainstream dance rhythm with Nindy’s trademark Punjabi kick, making it a sure floor filler.

How did you find yourself in the music industry, in particular Bhangra music?
I’ve grown up listening to bhangra music. I loved singing it around the house and in the car like everyone else. Manj (my husband and member of RDB) and his brothers were always asking me to get into the studio and record but I kept refusing until one day they locked me in the studio until I recorded a verse for one of their tracks. The track became a hit and the rest is history (Laughs).

When did you realise music was something you wanted to pursue?
I think that first moment was came about when fans were messaging RDB for more Nindy Kaur tracks. That’s when I realised hey, there might be something here and maybe the RDB brothers were right!

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Shazia Manzoor, old skool Bhangra bands like Heera Alaap Pardesi and or course mainstream music king of pop, Michael Jackson.  Legends in their own right!

What’s it like collaborating with Culture Shock?
Working with Culture Shock was a lot of fun. They are down to earth and full of energy. We had a great time collaborating on ‘Save The World’ and the end product shows that. The track is high energy and keeps you dancing throughout. The fan response has been amazing. Go download it now if you haven’t!

Who else in the industry would you love to collaborate with?
David Guetta, Usher, Chris Brown to name a few

What do you have planned in the near future?
I’ve been working on finishing my solo debut album NINDYPENDANT due out this summer. I have also just completed a few more bollywood tracks for the fans which they should hear in the next few months. Been a very busy year so far

What can we expect from the upcoming single/ and Nindypendent?
NINDYPENDANT will be a very diverse album featuring a lot of unexpected and different collaborations. Much like ‘Save The World’ expect a high energy dance packed album which will make sure to keep you on your feet!

Any last words?
To my fans thank you for all the support and I can’t wait to see all of you on tour this year. Stay connected with me on twitter @nindykaur. Love you all!

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