New Pop duo Major are fashion forward, girl power loving sisters with a major bond. Their debut single, ‘Love Me Boy’ has been tipped to be as popular as Gangnam Style and the song has already made it onto Digital Spy’s top 10 songs of the week. The single will officially be released on 3rd June.

What three words would your mum use to describe you both?

Elsa: Caring, loud, generous.

Irene: Her rock, her disciple’s, vivacious.

If you could be compared to any group or duo, who would it be and why?

Elsa: I would say Boney M ,we really like the crazy fashion and quirkiness ,and he was an amazing performer and entertainer.

Irene: The Spice girls [laughs] It’s all about girl power, to conquer the world and I’m British .

Tell us a bit about your single ‘Love me Boy’.

Elsa: Love me Boy is a fun and catchy Pop song, it’s just one of those tunes you listen to once and then have it in your head the whole day [laughs].

Irene: it’s a dream come true for myself and my sister to finally fight over a man. And “Boy toy” is the ideal guy , we had a blast on the video was definitely the time of our lives. The video is worth watching.

How do you think it will be received?

Elsa: Hopefully, well. So far the response has been amazing .

Irene: It’s in God’s hands & the only way is up for Major!

You both have a background in fashion, how did your pop career get started?

Elsa: Music has always been a part of our lives, we were waiting for the right time to finally bring it out there, and now feels like it is!  A mutual friend introduced us to Ivor-Novello winning songwriter Pete Kirtley and he gave us Love Me Boy to sing.  We fell in love with it straight away.

Irene: Working with Pete & co-producer Sacha  has helped make our dreams come true and we feel so blessed to have this incredible opportunity.

Tell us about your style, do you have the same tastes?

Elsa: Well I would say my sister copies me but she’ll probably say the same [laughs].

Irene: Elsa always copies me, she is the youngest you see, [laughs].  I will say we have  really similar taste, sometimes we dress up separately and we meet up somewhere wearing exactly the same outfit. I would describe our style to be  classy /edgy with a major twist .


If you could have written any popular song, what would it be and why?

Elsa: “I got the power” from Snap

Irene : “Forever young” by Alphaville

Are you both single, dating or in a relationship?

Elsa: I’m single and ready to mingle [laughs].

Irene: No, I’m not single.

Who is your ideal man?

Elsa: Prince Harry!  He is so handsome and seems like such a lovely guy.  We really admire him for fighting in Afghanistan because our Father was an Army Major and the name of our group is a tribute to him.

Irene: Definitely “Boy Toy” the doll in “love me boy”  video. he never argues .

Irene, you had a cameo in James Bond, Die Another Day, what was that like?

Irene: It was a privilege being part of the crew. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, I also had the chance to meet Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan they are amazing actors and being on set with them makes you realise that they are also human beings like the rest of us. One of my dreams would be to be The Bond Girl one day.

You are also a former Miss Cameroon, what were your responsibilities?

Irene: I worked to be a role model for young people and I was able to help promote the Cameroonian fashion and culture.  It was a total honour and I would love to dosomething similar again.

What sets you apart from other pop duo’s?

Elsa: We are sisters, therefore our duo is unbreakable.

Irene : Yeah, Major Bond we call it.  We are unique! There is nothing like us out there. We are fun, fresh and we hope to make music that make people feel good.

Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Elsa: PSY!!  Love Me Boy has already been compared to Gangnam Style and we think his song and dance is just amazing!

Irene: Madonna, definitely, but the list continues. We love all music genres. It would be a blast collaborating with the greatest of talents worldwide.

Other than your upcoming single, what have you both been up to?

Elsa: Promoting, touring around the UK . It has been great to finally meet our fans .

Irene: we have also been working on our album which we hope is out at the end of this year. It’s filled with surprises. Watch this space!

 Have you set out any key goals for this year?

Elsa: The single making it the top 20 this summer and who knows maybe even reaching number 1 .

Irene : Going Major and Global.

For more info on Major, follow them on Twitter @major_musicuk