Riva Taylor music

Riva Taylor is back with new single ‘This Woman’s Heart’.

Having found success at a very young age after becoming the youngest artist ever signed to EMI Records, London-via-Los Angeles singer-songwriter Riva Taylor is no stranger to the ups and downs of today’s music industry. I chatted to Riva about her latest offering ‘This Woman’s Heart’ and her top tips for surviving in the music industry

Can you tell me about your new single ‘This Woman’s Heart’? What was the inspiration behind it?
The track is written about the people who are there for us in life no matter what. I have a few of those, no matter what life has thrown of me they have been constant rocks. This is a song for them, ‘A thank you’. The track nods to my journey once a kid releasing albums and my journey to womanhood.

What is your songwriting process like?
Always different with every song. Lyrics come first for me and I don’t mean they necessarily have to be written in full first – but I will keep going over them until they feel right! For instance with This Woman’s Heart. It was actually not a straightforward, one session write. It was a process. This woman’s heart as a lyric came to me after the song melody and most of the lyric had been written! The song felt solid but the lyric didn’t fully deliver, it was a niggle for a long time as I knew we had a good song….but knew there was more to uncover to make it magic for me. It felt general and not personal. In fact, the song had a completely different title called ‘Iceflow’ for a long time. It’s hard to imagine singing this now as this woman’s heart feels so right! 

Who would be your dream collaboration?
Always such a tough question. Today I’m going with Sam Smith. We did a few gigs together back in the day, amazing to see him smashing it. It would have to be a massive ballad! 

Is there one track you’ve released that has become more important to you or that you see differently?
I have to say it’s this one. This Woman’s Heart. I’ve waited a long time to release it. I think the songs we write about life and journey – that span years as opposed to moments, resonate with us differently. This is one of those. 

Describe your music in three words?
Dynamic. Womanly. Ambient-pop  

Riva Taylor music

You’ve been in the music industry for a very long time, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?
Shaking off my past! 

Where has been your favourite place to perform?
The Albert Hall. I’ve performed there a few times and it always felt like a special place. I live quite close to it now, so I’m reminded of those amazing opportunities often and they always fill me with happiness and reminders of making my debut there. 

What would be the theme song of your life?
Blimey. ‘She’s A Maniac’? That video is the most night before closed doors 😄 no but really I think the lyrics are great and I have had fun dancing to it over the years: 

You work all your life for that moment in time, it could come or pass you by. It’s a push of the world, but there’s always a chance. If the hunger stays the night. There’s a cold connective heat, struggling, stretching for defeat. Never stopping with her head against the wind

What would be your top tip for starting in the industry?
Only you have the key to self-realisation and success, whatever that means to you. Trust your gut, meet as many people as you can, listen and build a supportive network of industry professionals who challenge and support your vision. 

What’s next for you? More music….the album is coming! Performing my material live, my favourite place. I’m also excited to be heading back to the US, to what has become a second home – LA.  Always a place I feel creative and have written a load of the album there.