Having made it to the Britain’s got talent finals and wowed the crowd with original song ‘Lovesick’, it came as little surprise when the boys were signed to Simon Cowell’s Syco, earlier this year. Now putting together their first single for release this autumn, see what kicked off when we caught up with them at Sony.

Hello boys, what you’re you up to at the moment?

Te: Obviously we just signed with Syco (part of Sony), which is great.
Sonny: Woop woop!
Te: And we’ve just recorded our first single lovesick and the music video, we just can’t wait for that to come out.

Taking it back to the beginning, it’s been a big journey since you formed in 2010. Who were Sonny, Te and Eddie back then?

Sonny: We met at college three years ago.
Eddie: I’d written a song called ‘Lovesick’ and we all began working on it as part of this competition, the Jack Wills unsigned act of the year.
Te: I was a backing singer and Sonny could play the ukulele, so we just jumped on board. Then we played a couple of gigs and won the Jack Wills competition. People were like “you should be a band” and we were like “no, we’re not a band”, we were just helping Eddie out.
Sonny: Then it just progressed, but we realised that being in a band as a hobby and being in a band as a career are two totally different things.
Eddie: Then we decided to leave college, which was a big deal.

Your involvement in Britain’s got talent brought you to the attention of much of the public. How did you find the transition into a competition as artists? Did you find yourself having to fit into a mould?

Eddie: We were really lucky to come at a time when the show knew that it wanted to redesign itself. We came along and I guess we represented what they wanted the show to look like. We were really lucky that everything we wanted to do, we got the opportunity to do.
Te: They were going for a whole new vibe which allowed us to be really free. For example in doing our own songs on the show.
Sonny: At the time The Voice was also on and as a result they needed some things stand out. So whilst the voice was just about vocal ability, Britain’s got talent also looked at the creative talent of an artist in terms of writing, which we could offer.

 Te: “If I could sit in the bath and watch TV with champagne I’d just never leave!”

How did it feel coming so close to winning but being pipped to the post? Looking back do you think there’s anything you could have changed?

Sonny: We came on that show knowing exactly what we wanted, to get in the finals and we got that. We wouldn’t change anything.
Te: We wanted to get in the finals because once you’re there; you’re on the radar with so many record labels watching.
Eddie: We wanted to get big fan base out of it, never did winning money come into the picture. We got more twitter followers than any other act in the show.

How have you found the experience of rising into fame so suddenly?

Eddie: We’re quite lucky that we’ve got a really tight circle of friends and family so they keep us grounded.  We’ve got a sense of humour as well. If someone does something which is a bit diva-ish, we’ll take the Mick out of them, like “sort it out mate, what are you doing?” It is quite funny sound the situations we find ourselves in now, we’ll go into a hotel and find champagne in the shower!
Te: Yeah, in one place there was a bath with a TV screen. And I was like, if I could sit in the bath and watch TV with champagne I’d just never leave!

Stop your career now! (They laugh). So when you got offered a deal with Syco, had you been expecting it?

Sonny: In this industry don’t believe anything until you get pen on paper. We’d heard words flying about, but so many people have told us about stuff that you get excited about and then it doesn’t happen.
Eddie: Once we had signed the deal we had to keep it quiet for two days before it came out in the papers. And then we were talking to all our friends and they were like “this is crazy”and then suddenly we were like “oh my God, this really is crazy!” And it started to sink in.

So what can we expect from the new album?

Eddie: Both new and old school elements with harmonies and things that have perhaps been lost through the new tricks of the trade.

With your growing fan base have you had any cool presents yet?

Te: Fans send me ‘Nerds’, you know the sweets, I love them.

It’s good you telling me this now, because the more people that read this, the more presents you’ll get!

Eddie: iPads! iPads! (Laughs)
Te: Yeah, some people give me these little things called “houses”! (More laughter.)

Okay, enough of that! So a little bit more about you, is there a leader or a baby in the group? What’s the dynamic?

Eddie: Sonny is the organised one.
Te: I think sometimes I lead socially.
Eddie: I can be quite grumpy! Te is very showbiz, he’s a great networker.

Who is the ladies’ man out the group?

Te and Eddie: Sonny, man!
Te: The proof is in the pudding!

Do any of you have any irritating habits?

Sonny: Te sings all the time!
Te: Eddie’s annoying habit? There are so many! (They laugh)
Sonny: I know, when he’s on his phone he doesn’t listen to you, even if you’ve got something really important to say. He is so rude.
Eddie: But I started texting before you started speaking to me, so you’re the rude one!
Te: Sonny’s loves everything. He is so nice all the time that it’s annoying!

Do you have any special requirements for your dressing room?

Te: Manuka honey and ginger tea. Everyone loves a brew. And I have to have chicken wings.
Sonny: You can’t go wrong!

What are your hopes the future?

Sonny: To take it global, so more people can hear us.
Eddie: To have a greatest hits album full of bangers!

What would your advice be to young aspiring artists?

Sonny: As clichéd as it sounds, hard work does pay off.
Te: You see what I mean about Sonny!

Listen out for The Loveables debut single ‘Lovesick’ from October and if you can’t wait until then, keep up to date with their movements on twitter @LoveableRogues.