Mitch and Mike Gordon (MMG) make music that twins could only make. The duo cook up music with a delicious taste of future soul with their latest track ‘Fling.’ The track seduces you in with their soothing vocals and tunes so dope that you’ll get your feet wet.

Flavourmag sits down with MMG and chat about what it’s like to work as twins, their love for D’Angelo and the first album they ever bought.

You guys are twins, did you ever think of working with other people or was it always known that you’d work together?

We grew up playing, listening and practicing music together so naturally we were on the same wave length and work well together (most of the time). We’re always hanging out with other musicians and sharing ideas. The guys we play with in MMG all contribute to the tunes!

You just released a track called ‘Fling’ could you tell us about that?

When we wrote Fling, we were listening to a lot of D’Angelo. We wanted to bake a groove cake with D’Angelo filling but with some MMG icing splashed on top.

Your first album that you bought?

Mitch: I actually think I bought Creed’s album. The one with “arms wide open” on it. A little embarrassing.

Mike: New Found Glory – Sticks and Stones. I grew up on punk music and still love this album.

Who are your influences?

D’angelo, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Vulfpeck, Cory Wong, Prince, Levingstone, Childish Gambino

Favourite D’Angelo song?

Mitch: Untitled

Mike: Chicken Grease

If you could be two bands mashed together, who would it be?

Mitch: Vulfpeck & Anderson Paak.

Mike: Prince & Frank Ocean