We stumbled upon hip hop outfit Mellosoulblack when they featured on a track with none other than the hip hop beat heavyweights Jazzspatiks.

Now, they’ve launched their delicious EP ‘SexamaliciousRambunctification.’ The title of the EP is just how their music sounds, it’s a diverse pallet of sound and soul.

We sit down with Mellosoulblack and chat about how they came together through a military household, how they came up with their EP name and they tell us what their favourite lunch time snack is.

How did you guys get together?

Quite a long story but a simplified version is that we all came up in a military household and were connected through traveling from base to base in our childhood. Dorian Quivers and Tre Santiago (Clue and CREAM) met on a base in Turkey. That’s where the musical chemistry was initially sparked. CREAM met Rhongea Nixon (Master GEA) later on a base in ND and they immediately became friends. GEA was immediately added to the group. After GEA and Clue both moved to Texas CREAM also made the move began pursuing music, although the crew had been writing songs for a couple years on a long distance basis.

You just released a new EP, how did you even come up with the name?

We use the word sexy to describe a smooth type of vibe but we were known to get down on some rough and rugged type stuff to hence the rambunctiousness. The title is exactly how the music sounds to us.

How’s the hip hop scene in Texas?

We’re still a little new to it honestly, so experience is limited but from what we’ve seen there is plenty of opportunity,

If you could be 2 artists mixed into one, who would it be and why?

GEA: Black Thought and Royce da 5’9”

CREAM: J DIlla and Andre 3000

Clue: Snoop Dogg and Rakim

Favourite lunch time snack and why?

GEA: I guess chicken and broccoli but there isn’t much I wouldn’t eat.

CREAM: Any form of chicken (Preferably fried)

Clue: Chicken

What’s your favourite flavoured ice-cream?

GEA: Chocolate chip cookie dough

Clue: French vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate deluxe, even caramel sundaes are getting touched. CREAM: Cookies n cream.


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