After years of perfecting his lyrical craft,  performing at clubs and bars all over London,  Young O has been tipped as one of the next underground artists to hit the big time and go mainstream. Not only has he got the support of top radio DJ’s and artists alike, but he’s also bagged himself  a sponsorship deal with Puma and an ever growing fan base.

For those of our readers who don’t know what Young O is about, describe yourself in 3 words.

Hmm, Different, ambitious, dare devil.

You’ve been regarded as one of the next underground artists to go mainstream, how does it make you feel when you hear that?

Its’ a very humbling compliment. It’s taken years; from rapping in front of a mirror to battling at the school playground to performing to thousands at the O2. I try not to think about it; too much pressure. I just say thank you and think about my next move. Just want to be happy, mainstream or underground.

Your new single ‘Bet On It’ ft Griminal & Lady Leshurr is definitely a banger, how did the song come about?

I appreciate that, thank you. I received the instrumental from Loop Genius, a producer everyone should look out for. I heard it and thought “stop whatever your doing Young, just get in the studio”. I could hear Griminal going in on it, I spoke to him and literally got his verse an hour later, crazy. He absolutely ripped it. As the song was getting mixed down I felt it needed a midas touch, I wanted an artists with character. Lady Leshurr is such an amazing person to be around in & out of the studio, she definitely delivered. And there you have it, ‘Bet On it’.

Young OWhat has the feedback from your fans been like so far?

It’s been overwhelming; those that have been with me at the start of this journey love it, and my  new growing fan base love it as well. Feedback on radio has been nuts. From DJ’s Ras Kwame to Jenny Francis, Manny Norte to DJ Cameo have been supporting like crazy. As well as artists like Lemar, Starboy Nathan, The Risk and Lisa Maffia. I’m thankful. My mum keeps singing the chorus which is a bit jarring but aye, all good so far.

It’s available to order on iTunes today, what are your expectations?

I have none to be honest. Personally I wanted to put it out for free alongside my EP, but the powers that be had other plans. I’ve only expected to count on one download…the mother lol.

It’s a big tune, have there been any talks of a possible remix?

Thank you, funny you say that. I’ve had loads of requests, tweets, calls, messages from artists asking if I could get them on the remix. You just never know, I might, if it’s right, it’s right, if not, we move on.

What are your fans always guaranteed to take away from your music?

Feel good sincerity and a sing-along.

Do you have any musical influences that no-one would expect you to have?

My favourite song is Maxwell’s ‘This Womans Work’. His voice touches my soul, lol, no lie.

Aside from the promo for your new single, what else have you got lined up? 

I got a lot planned for this year. The next record is called ‘We Rockin’ We Rollin’. I got a few promo tracks bewtween ‘Bet On It’ and that next record. I’m excited about you hearing them.

If you could have any super power in the world what would it be and why?

Time manipulation. I would right some wrongs and make the good moments last longer. Say no more, lol.