The one to watch for 2016, DJ Georgia LA who is currently paving the way for young female broadcasters as one of just four resident UK female DJ’s on the Apple Music’s global radio station Beats 1; the station currently goes out to 100 countries. She started out interviewing for cult music channel SBTV.


I caught up with Georgia LA for International Women’s Day to find more about this inspirational woman.


As it’s international women’s day who is your biggest role model?

My great mother for always being there for me, always giving love and support. She is my biggest inspiration.

How did you get started presenting for SBTV and your other gigs?

I started by sending a tweet and SBTV got in contact with me. They were going to interview Kelly Rowland in couple days and asked if I wanted to interview her. At the time, I was studying in my 2nd year at university.

What challenges have you face in your career and how have you overcome them?

I think as a girl and window dressing at times, getting people to trust me to do the job. Being able to manage a team and being tortured by doing my own taxes. I wish I learnt at school how to manage a team but I guess you learn to go.

If you could give advice to your teenage self what advice would you give?

Chill a bit more and understand the power of the Internet. Don’t stress and have more confidence. When I was younger I would be stressed out about the little things but now I realise those times were so much fun.

I didn’t understand the power of the Internet at that time.

Georgia LA3


What important lessons did you get from your parents?

I wouldn’t have given away my favourite pink velour Ekko top to charity ahhh!

My Dad always said if someone is being mean to you, they’re probably not happy themselves and that speaks more about them than you. My mum gave me heaps of positivity and love; life is always better when you are positive.

What was the turning point of your career?

I hope that I’ve always will have turning points in my career, like pulling off The Fox Problem and proving I can do something like that. Also just the little things like buying something I wanted or even paying for a holiday away with my mates when before I couldn’t afford it.

What lessons have you learnt in business positive or negative?

I’ve learnt it’s important to know your worth. When I first started out I was underselling myself when I should have charged more. In business it’s nice to find someone that you click with, however, it’s sometimes more important to find the best in people and create something amazing.

Georgia LA4

Tell me more about “The Fox Problem”

It was just an idea for a show with a relatively female twist and lots of fun conversation as if you were in the pub with pals but lots of serious points. We funded the project ourselves for a short series and later we got sponsorship to extend the show. I’m really proud of what we have done.

How does it feel to be one of the four resident UK Female DJ’s on The Apple Music Global radio Beats 1?

It’s great! We have Elton John and Drake on there so many more. I’m honoured they trusted me and to be working with Zane Lowe and other Dj’s is amazing.

There are some great shows on Beats 1, for example, Q-Tip and Mary J Blige both have shows.

How important is it to follow your dreams?

I think it’s very important to follow your dreams but if it doesn’t make you money or if it’s a hindrance to you then try something new.