Since 2008 Lady Catalina has been gracing the Burlesque scene. Now Lady Catalina is headlining (and producing) one of London’s most exciting new Revue shows ‘Renudeville’.

Renudeville will be performed at the Windmill (Soho) on Monday 7th September.  We couldn’t help but to tweet Lady Catalina and managed to twist her arm into giving us a moment to talk burlesque, fashion & beauty and celeb crushes.

Get your tickets via Windmill on 020 7439 3558 or simply turn up on the night… For 50 shades of Burlesque (Easy Theatres) at the Hexagon Theatre, on Oct 3rd, all you need to do is call the box office on 0118 960 6060.

Hi Lady Catalina, welcome to Flavourmag, for those of us not trendy enough to know, tell us all about The Cream Tease.

The Cream Tease Show is a high-class Burlesque show comprising of highly trained dancers. All of whom also bring their own individual skill to the show. I started producing the shows many years back, and wanted to have a set troupe as I love that ‘team’ ethic. I love having a group of wonderful, loyal, kind people around me to share all the amazing experiences with.

Your currently working on a new show ‘Renudeville’ at the Windmill. Tell us what we can expect to see.

Renudeville is a very exciting production!! As the name suggests it’s a Nude Revue show very reminiscent of the old Windmill Theatre shows. I LOVE the Windmill Theatre, the history, the ambience, and for me, there was no other venue to launch this show.

Renudeville is a high class display of skin & skill. It’s sensual and passionate, it’s fun and cheeky, there are moments of belly laughter, and there are moments of enchanting vulnerability. There’s something for everybody.

I always loved the original Nude Sally Rand fan dance, and I’m a huge fan of the Crazy Horse. Which of course is a Topless & Nude masterpiece.

We also have some very exciting special guests coming in……

The show sounds awesome, I can’t wait to see it. Do you remember the exact moment you decided on this career? Tell us about it.

I do indeed. I had just recently become single and was wondering what the next chapter was. One evening I came across a video of Dita Von Teese performing a routine on pointe on YouTube, and as a trained Ballet dancer, I was fascinated. Until that point my work had been as a regular dancer and vocalist, but it was a lightning bolt for me, and I just HAD to learn this art form!!

Lady Catalina!

So tell us what’s the best thing(s) of being Lady Catalina?

Those few minutes on stage. Hands down! Since I was 3 years old there has never quite been a feeling like it. You get completely lost in the music, the performance. That feeling, that buzz, for me, is very special. It really isn’t like a limelight junkie, it’s not the applause. But it’s the lighting, the audience anticipation, the whole exciting atmosphere. It’s just all so special.

And the worst part?

There’s a lot to do!! I produce the shows, choreograph them, make costumes etc, it really is a lot. Also I’m way too sensitive for this industry. I take everything to heart, and care far too much about other people’s opinions. I’m super easily offended. Not a great trait in show business. Haha.

Lady Catalina- VegasLet’s talk about fashion and beauty. You’re absolutely gorgeous and have a super ripped body. Is that from performing or working out?

Firstly, thank you ever so much. That’s very kind. I think I’m fairly lucky in that it’s muscle memory from years of dancing. But I also do Pilates 3-5 times a week. I’m so busy though that I do the 10 minute solutions Pilates DVD’s at home. I generally just do the Abs and Bum section and that’s all really. Plus the aerial hoop keeps you strong I think.

And do you also have a special diet that helps maintain your figure?

Hmmmm, I should have. I do know that my body is at it’s best, or I like how it looks the most on a high protein, low carb diet. So I do TRY and limit carbs. But I just LOVE chocolate cookies. I can eat a bag of 5 in one sitting very easily.

I assume that you must get a lot of attention from other’s about your body and figure, would you say its mainly from women or men?

Do you know what, it is mainly Women that will come up to me after shows asking about my thighs haha. What leg exercises I do. It’s really lovely as they’re always so nice.

OK, random quick-fire, only choose pick one. Leggings or dress?


High heels or trainers?

High heels.

Bikini or swimsuit?


You wear a lot of sexy outfits when performing. How would you describe your style when you are not working?

I love pretty, feminine sundresses, I have a disturbing amount. So either a pretty, comfy dress, or I love anything 70’s style. So a Suede dress, a roll neck and a tunic with suede knee high boots. Or comfy in some high waisted jeans and a Boho blouse.

And give us a beauty secret of yours on how you maintain your skin.

I’m actually really naughty with forgetting to take my make up off, so that’s bad. But I’m very regimented with my body routine. I’ve always been strict with that. When I get out of the shower, whilst still wet, I smother myself in Baby oil, and just pat dry, allowing the oil to soak in. Then I smother my whole body in Palmers Cocoa Butter. I love the smell of that cream. It’s amazing. Cocoa Butter is apparently amazing for dry skin, preventing any stretch marks, cellulite etc. I’ve used it for years and found it wonderful stuff. Doing this keeps my skin really soft.

And being a performer, we assume you’d have to wear a lot of makeup, what’s your favorite make up brands right now?

I never really change my foundation, I love Estee Lauder. For blusher, I have a vast selection of Mac blushers. Although I do really like legal sunburn by fake bake. Awesome little Rosy blusher. Red lipstick has always been Mac Ruby Woo, up until just recently, when I’ve actually found that I love Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick. That stuff will not budge ALL day.

Lady Catalina- Aerial hoop

Who’s your celeb male crush or crushes?

Hmm, tough one…I think Mark Lanegan. That voice!! Good lord!! It’s a gift. Also there’s something about Tommy Lee.

And who is your girl crush or crushes?

Ah that’s easy. Shakira and Kylie.

Snap, I love both Shakira and Kylie too, they are both so sexy, which leads me onto sexuality and myths. Some people would say that being a burlesque performer means that you are a highly sexual person. Would you concur with this statement?

I wouldn’t like to generalize, I can only answer for myself, but I’ve always felt that in order to give an authentic performance that you’re immersed in, it’s important to know yourself completely. For example, a few years back after performing a new act, a fellow performer friend said “that was your best act! Why on earth weren’t you performing that style from word go” well firstly, of course it takes a while to perfect/ hone your craft, but for me, if I’m brutally honest, I’d finally found a sexual confidence that I didn’t possess before. I think I thought I knew things before, and that I knew myself. But it actually took me years to truly know every single part of myself and be completely comfortable in my skin. But I suddenly felt like I knew who I was. Not just sexually, as that is only one part of the performance, but that I finally knew who I was as a performer. So I guess a simple answer to your question is no, not really. But for me personally, I needed to find that sexual confidence in order to perform certain styles well. In an authentic, believable manner.

How does it feel on stage when you are putting on a show for your audience with all eyes watching you?

I love the intimacy of Cabaret. Growing up in dance and theatre, we were always told to look over the audience’s heads, pick a point of focus at the back of the theatre etc. But now I hate that haha. I love interacting/ connecting with the audience.

Are you Lady Catalina all the time, or is this an alter ego?

I don’t think we’re worlds apart. But the difference for me, is that I don’t get to feel as glamorous as when I’m performing. For those 5 minutes on stage, all the hang ups that us Ladies have, just disappear, in the beautiful costumes, with the music playing, I get to feel glamorous. But it is a bit like playing dress up for me. I couldn’t possibly be that well presented every day. And I’m certainly not as confident off stage. (unfortunately).

And finally tell us something you have never said in any other interview.

Well I keep being asked “How Nude is Nude? Is it implied? Or actually Nude” So I’d like to say to all those curious folk, come along to the Windmill Theatre on Sept 7th at 10pm, where all will be revealed….