Curtis Ryan is the first Guyanese Dance/Pop cross over music artist and in 2013 is set to make his mark on the dance scene around the world. We catch up with the New York based talent to talk music, inspiration and style.


What’s Curtis Ryan about? Well, I am a Dance Recording Artist currently residing in NYC originally from Guyana. I love the night club culture, the DJ’s, the crowds, the girls, the fashion, the freedom of individuality and most importantly the music. New York nightlife and has been a major influence in my outlook on life and of course my music.

What do you love most about what you do? Entertaining people of all walks of life, when I set out to release “Tonight” I wasn’t aware of how far it would reach and how diverse my following would be. It is amazing when you can create something that appeals to people in different countries and social backgrounds.

Why create dance music over any other genre? Over the years following my move to the United States, I became exposed to, and developed a strong passion for House and Electronica music. On a faithful evening in an underground nightclub, I couldn’t help but notice the way the electronic rhythms captivated its audience, moving bodies in a sea of pulsating beats. At that moment I knew what my true love was. I found his way into the studio with a new creative team and a new vision, and underwent a daring transition.

What 5 songs a you listening to at the moment? Will I am’s & Britney Spears’ – Scream & Shout, Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You, Afrojack – Can’t Stop Me , Avicii – Fade into Darkness, Pete Heller – Big Love

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far in your career? Catching up to all one is “expected” to know upon entering the music industry, but best you can do is learn as many lessons as you can and keep growing.

Who is your music inspiration? Definitely a cliché answer but also a honest one, Michael Jackson’s music, style, humanitarianism, presence and influence has inspired me as a performer.

How would you describe your sound? Pop Dance with Caribbean Flavour

Tell us about your personal style? Any favorite designers? I am into anything cool, & modern and sharp. Lately I have been wearing jackets by Sons of Heroes, Hats by Adeen, I am also into G Star, Diesel and Mcqueen.

Tell me about ‘Tonight’? Tonight is a fun party anthem that illustrates the best of the NYC club scene and overall party nightlife. After you been on your grind all week working, you let yourself loose on a Friday night with your friends and loved ones.

What do you want people to take away from your music after they listen to it? That if they have been working hard and struggling on that 9-5 that they should take some time out for themselves to enjoy life, if for just once a week.

Which three artists would headline your dream concert? My dream would to have to have some the hottest DJ’s on my concert, Afrojack, Calvin Harris, and of course David Guetta.

What sets you apart from other artists out there? I am one of the 1st Guyanese Dance/Pop cross over artists, and I bring that island feel to Dance music while keeping it universal.

What’s the best piece of advice you received since entering the industry? That if you have your priorities and goals set and a great support staff the sky is the limit.

What are you working on at the moment? My team and I are currently working on an EP of 4-5 tracks to really illustrate my vibe and sound and to grow from there. Currently I am working with producer T-Ron and a planning a collaboration with DJ Vjuan Allure.

What can we expect from you in 2013? Well 2013 is really looking to be my year; I just released the music video for my new single “Tonight”, directed by Adolphus Amissah & Sailey Williams. We had an amazing music video release party at Skyroom Rooftop in New York City and had a great turn out of celebrities and followers; my team and I intend to throw a few parties throughout 2013 to push the track. I will be planning to release my next single in March, and to hit the stage with a few eye popping performances and appearances and to make my name and brand a staple in the Dance music genre.

Quick fire questions 

What is the best time of day to listen to your music? Right before you hit the club or the gym!

What was the first record you ever brought? Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Album

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done? Would have to be making the move to New York City, but turned out great!

Finish these sentences…..

You never leave home without… Keys, Wallet & iPod

The future is…. Ripe for the Taking.

In 2013 I will… do all I can to share my music around the globe.

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