We managed to ply Nicholas from his busy schedule to talk everything fashion and his future plans for ODF.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Nicholas ‘Supanova Dex’ Amfo, founder of ODF Clothing. I’m 23 years old from South London. I’m a young entrepreneur, fashion designer and my main focus at the moment is developing the brand with the ODF team.

How did ODF Clothing all begin and what does ODF stand for?

ODF was created in 2007 and was originally titled “Ow’Du’Feel”. It began with the intention to portray something positive and fashionable for this generation, and today has evolved into a mature clothing line. ODF was re-branded in 2010 to “One Diverse Fashion” which immediately enhanced the line, to something contemporary, yet with a classic feel.

How long has ODF been running for?

It has been running for five years now and has completely transformed since its inception.

What are your influences when coming up with designs and various different styles?

Art the form of music, fashion, culture & lifestyle is the main influence for our brand.

Go through the process of taking an idea to an actual clothing garment? 

It begins with developing concepts, visualising a person’s style and attitude. We also decide what statement we aim to portray through each garment. The next step is to transform these concepts to perfect the elements in terms of size, measurements & colour.

What do you love about fashion?

What I love about fashion is the ability to express yourself through what you wear. Everyone has a different style and that diversity is what enabled ODF to flourish. Our customers wear the pieces in a variety of ways- hence the re-branding of ODF as One Diverse Fashion. Although much of our clothes are “preppy”, give five people an ODF polo top, and you will see five completely different outfits.

What has been the best experience whilst designing and creating ODF?

There has been many amazing experiences but the highlights so far have been showcasing at London Fashion Week 2012 which was fantastic, being named ambassador for Spirit of London & and having the honour to visit No. 10, Downing Street.

What has been the most challenging experience whilst designing and creating ODF?

Transforming my brand to appeal to a wider audience; also creating my own category called ‘Urban Class’ which is a mixture of urban and preppy clothing combined in one.

Who is your favourite designer or brand?

I cannot pinpoint one specific designer; however there are many brands which have inspired and influenced our collection such as Fred Perry.

Give your 3 top tips for aspiring fashion designers?

Be creative, innovative and let people know why they should believe in your vision.

What are your plans for the coming year?

ODF plans to release the brand ‘New kids’ collection in April which is an extension of many garments currently available for adults. We are really excited about it as there has been a demand for children’s clothing and accessories, some of which we showcased at our press launch in November. We also aim to create nationwide awareness through our campaigns “Standing in to Stand Out”.

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