‘Into the wild’ is a brand new album by the upcoming artist MMXJ; his new album is currently out now! ‘Into the wild’ is fun, catchy and very different to many other albums out there.

My favourite song off this album is ‘Kings’ which features an artist called ‘Gentle Bones’, this song is something I would definitely listen to at parties. MMXJ is Singapore’s newest DJ Producer and his new album is surely going to impress a lot of people.   MMXJ’s new album features other incredible artists such as Debbi Koh, Mae Sta, Gentle Bones, Reuby and Satya.

‘Into the wild’ can no doubt be a huge hit over in Ibiza in 2016, all of the songs on the album have a chance of being played all over the world. Dance/Electronic music is rarely noticed however this album should 100% be noticed by Dance/Electronic music lovers.

Hold On

‘Hold On’ is a very upbeat and dance worthy song! I love it! I think it’s fresh, new and unique! I can imagine one of his songs playing in a club in not only London but all over the UK.


‘Forever’ is a great song that has a lively vibe to it! This song is perfect for parties or even great for cheering you up on public transport.

MMXJ’s album is really good and has lots of potential. I think there is room for this to get a good place in the charts especially in hot party destinations. If you love dance/electronic music, you’ll definitely love this album and even if you aren’t a fan of this type of music, give this album a listen because it will definitely convert you.

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