acer spin 7 laptop black

Sponsored Video: The wait is finally over a Acer has now released the worlds thinest laptop called the Acer: Spin 7.

Not only is the Acer: Spin 7 the worlds thinest laptop but it also weighs a measly 1.2 kgs which is perfect for us out and about folk that like to travel with our laptops in our bags.

We all know that feeling when you first place your laptop in your bag and it feels ever so light, then twenty minutes later it starts to almost feel like you have been lugging a tonne of bricks around for the whole day.

acer spin 7 laptop black
Stunning design and beautiful curves… Its the Acer: Spin 7

The Acer: Spin 7 is thinner than a standard DVD case, at a mere 0.43 inches thin (10.98 mm) just over a centimetre, which makes other supermodel type laptops look huge.

Plus is has fast and reliable wireless connectivity with 802.11ac MU-MIMO wireless technology, providing up to 3 times faster downloads. Oh and wait, there’s more… The new Spin series convertible notebook runs on Windows 10, and incorporates innovative 360-degree hinges, along with Continuum, that enable them to be used in various ways: as a notebook or tablet, in a space-saving display mode, or in tent mode for sharing presentations or watching movies.

acer spin 7 laptop black

But aside from the thinness, aside from the weight, aside from the not so boring tech spec, one of the best things about the Acer: Spin 7 is that it looks great. Take a look at the photo’s above, its gorgeous isn’t it?

The Acer: Spin 7 is at the front of the line on the haute couture catwalk of laptops in our opinion. Now all that’s left for you to do is watch the video below and go and buy one now.

This post was kindly sponsored by Acer, but the thoughts are our own.