How does fitness enthusiast Nicki Bell work towards good health and fitness in her life? Flavourmag’s nutritionist Rebecca Saady finds out.

nicki_bell_nicsbell-2You look like you are in great shape! What is your secret?
No secret – just a healthy and happy lifestyle!

What is your favourite healthy snack?
Almond butter on rice cakes – delicious!

Would you say you eat healthily?
When I’m not training for a competition, 80% of the time yes. J When I’m 12 weeks out from a competition, that goes up to 95%.

How often do you work out?
5 to 6 days a week for an hour. In the run up to a competition, I add in 3 HIT sessions per week as well.
If you could give our readers tip to stay healthy, what would it be?
Add strength training to your routine! More muscle mass speeds up your metabolism which means you will burn more fat!

Can you cook? If so what is your dish of choice?
I do a mean breakfast – turkey rashers, poached eggs & oat pancakes with fat free yoghurt, blueberries and a little maple syrup, got to treat yourself sometimes!

nicki_bell_nicsbell-1What is your favourite type of cuisine? E.g. Chinese, Italian, Thai?
American! Give me buffalo wings, steak and fries, please!

Tell us about your exercise regime.
I split out my training so that I do one day per week for shoulders; legs – quads & calves; back and bi’s; legs – hamstrings and glutes; chest and tri’s. I don’t do any cardio until I am near a competition and need to start leaning out. I’m all about the weights!

Do you take any supplements?
Yes! Morning: glucosamine, vit C, vit D, multi-vitamin, glutamin. Post workout protein shake. Evening: fish oil, Casein and ZMA right before bed.

Everyone’s allowed a treat, so what is your guilty pleasure food?
Haribos and Pic n Mix, like Candy King!! Could eat them forever!

What is your motto for your life?
Don’t wish for it – work for it! And be kind.

What music is on your workout playlist?
More Britney Spears than I care to admit to!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start working out?
Do it AND eat right. Get someone to do you a full program for training and diet. Training is only 20% of it, the rest is diet! Abs start in the kitchen.

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