Autumn is well and truly upon us, and winter is creeping closer, and BRGR.CO are kicking through crisp leaves and smelling that bonfire smoke in the air, ready to deliver a tasty burger to you.

BRGR have launched a November special, and its the Gunpowder BRGR, named in memory of Guy Fawkes, the activist who once tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in a shower of sparks and roaring fire. The succulent Blade Steak patty is flame-grilled to your preference, smothered in a smoky Applewood Cheddar cheese, then topped with a piece of crisp bacon. As for the Gunpowder, that appears in the side of fries which have been dusted with Chicken Salt.

If you’ve never tried Chicken Salt Fries then prepare to be blown away because this seasoning is the bomb. Over in Australia they love it, and thankfully it’s made its way to our shores to enhance the flavour of our golden fries no end.

So this November why not give your tastebuds an explosion of flavour, and come and try the new Gunpowder BRGR with chicken salt fries. Who needs treason and plot when you have such a tasty treat to set your world alight?

The Gunpowder BRGR is priced at £11.95 with chicken salt fries or £9.45 without fries (although we seriously recommend the fries)

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