At only 20,  (the Atlantic signee) Krishane has a long way to go before he emulates just some of the achievements that his father, (Barrington Levy the great reggae singer) has gained in his his illustrious career. Krishane however has made a great start bringing a pop niceness with a definite flavor of his Caribbean roots. Case in point is his debut single, Drunk and Incapable featuring another bright young talent fusing pop and Caribbean sensibilities in the shape of Melissa Steel. It’s a light hearted, up-beat track that you cannot help but hum along-it’s damn infectious.

Flavour got an opportunity to talk to the young star in the waiting about his father, music (of course) and Melissa Steel.


I have to ask about your dad [Barrington Levy] of course and his influence on you?

I would say his influenced me with his words of wisdom. He always gave me good advice which I’ve learnt from and used to guide me this far. One of his sayings which I’ve always remembered is “The Aim Of The Game Is Show No Shame”.

Were you always destined to be a singer; did you ever think of avoiding the same profession as your father?

Singing has been bred in me from birth. My mum said to me I started kicking in her stomach and making noises whenever there was music playing so from there she knew I was going to be destined for music. Even from an early age I’ve always been focused on doing my own thing in music and really developing a sound that represents my heritage and what I’m about. I started writing at an early age and then joined a boy group made up of members of my choir at age 11. It was after I graduated from high school that I decided to focus on my solo career full time which is what lead me to move over to the UK.

You are young but give us a few musical milestones from your career this far?

When I was younger I was branded the “Melodic Bird” by people who had heard me singing and was in a boy-band called the Tear Drops. I guess I always knew I wanted to work in music so I spent over a year developing as an artist in the UK. I worked on my sound and spent time in the studio with some great producers. Before I knew it, I had landed a major record deal and signed to Atlantic Records.

What was it like getting signed to Atlantic?

It’s definitely the biggest life achievement for me so far, especially knowing that I have worked so hard to be in that position. It’s an anointed blessing from god. I was very nervous but also very excited. It’s such an amazing opportunity for me.

Your debut single, Drunk and Incapable features another bright talent, Melissa Steel. What was it like working with her?

Working with Melissa Steel has been awesome. She has a great vibe and we clicked as soon as we were introduced to each other. When I first heard her vocals, I knew she’d be the perfect fit for the female part on the track.

I know you were having a studio session so what’s coming next from you?

Look out for my debut album coming out 2015.  There’s lots of colour on there for everyone to enjoy. It’s going to be a very new and special kind of album that reflects Krishane, bringing that Tribal, organic and colour blend of heritage and cross over music.



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