With 2 Grammy Nominations already, and a third recently announced, including phenomenal writing and production credits with some of the biggest names in the business (Mariah Carey, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Lopez), 22-year-old Tayla Parx from Dallas, Texas has quietly been building up a reputable name for herself in the music biz.

You can hear her on Chris Brown’s album Royalty, which just dropped this past weekend on the EDM/ Rhythmic track “Anyway” and judge for yourself her star rating. We’ve already approved here over at Flavour Magazine, so get to know more about this young’un’s eclectic fashion sense and how she incorporates it into her music.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

My fashion sense depends heavily on my mood when I wake up that morning. Right now I’m into a lot of pastels and baby pinks, which is rare because I’m totally not a girly girl. But hey, what can you say! My fashion is always evolving as I travel the world and see new trends.

Practical advice for performance outfits?

Advice for any artists’ wardrobe when performing would be to keep it comfortable and make sure your outfit describes who you are! It should be as authentic as your music is.

Name your top 3 favourite artists fashion sense?

Three artists with a great fashion sense in my opinion are Rihanna, Kanye and newer artist Zendaya as well… They are all fearless from the most simple t-shirt/ denim look, to Balmain or Dior. I love how Rihanna blurs gender boundaries and still keeps it sexy!

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How does your music relate to your sense of style?

My music and my style go hand-in-hand in the sense that they are completely based off where I am in life at that exact moment. I’ll never be as young or old as I am right now therefore I won’t process emotions the same. I can look back on my style or listen to my songs and be able to pinpoint where I was at that point in life, what boy I was dating, what music I was listening to, and who my friends were lol.

Who do you listen to when you are getting ready to go out on 1. A Date 2. Dinner with Friends?

When I’m getting ready to go out on a date I listen to the Beyoncé album. Starting with the second half of “Partition”. When I’m going to dinner with friends I might turn on Bryson Tiller, Lolawolf, or Kflay.

If you were to ever come out with a clothing line, what type of clothing would it be?
I’m taking my first steps into fashion right now actually. I won’t dive too deep just yet but I will definitely have my signature pieces. You can always find me in a dope jacket, hat or shoe. Shoes are something I plan on doing down the road but for now I’m starting off with the basics. Towards the middle of 2015 I focused on what colours, shapes, and designs caused a reaction visually for me and then ran with it.  It’ll be ready mid 2016 🙂

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Photo Credit: Niko McKnight photo with dancers. Cindy Sorener other photo.

Words: Wolf Logan

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