Mara Ferreira is the voice behind life and style blog M Loves M. She started her site in 2009 and writes about personal style, recipes, home and travel. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Matthew (the other M) and her dog Ginger. Her style is feminine and classic, but with a fun, playful twist. She has more dresses in her closet than we can count and she can recite almost any musical by heart!


How did you get into blogging?
I started when my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship. It was like an online journal where we could share our trips and also a place I could post recipes and random thoughts.

What makes your blog different from other blogs on the internet?
Because my blog started so lifestyle based I have a very strong and involved following. They’ve seen me through my first job, engagement, wedding planning, getting my first dog, career changes, etc. I try to always have that personal voice behind my posts.

What 3 tips would you give to new bloggers trying to make a name for themselves in the fashion world?
Be passionate, dedicated, and consistent!

And finally finish these sentences:
If I’m not blogging I’m… Working in the fashion industry doing digital marketing
If I could change one thing in the world it would be… Hate. I think people should be more loving and kind to themselves and each other.
I always try to… Take walks to clear my head. I need time each day that’s completely offline (since everything I do revolved around a computer).
I would never say… never!
My personal style is… Feminine and classic, but with a playful twist.

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