Introducing Natalie La Rose and her debut single Somebody featuring Jerimih which is how do we say…..HUGE?

The Amsterdam native is the freshest female name to add to the urban genre bringing her gorgeous looks and vocals on her hugely popular debut single.

Facts are you may already know her.

Natalie La Rose has been a regular vocalist for the global giant Flo-rida having toured with him for a two year stint. In 2013 she was the first artist signed to his label International Music Group and after a period of working on material Natalie La Rose finds herself in the enviable position of a debut that’s already on over 30 million YouTube hits to date.

Flavour decided to get a little more information on the young lady who looks set for stratospheric global recognition-Natalie la Rose.  


So for those that may not know you just give a bit of background on you.

Well I am from Amsterdam born and raised. I always loved music and dancing. I could never sit still so my mum got me into classes to release the energy. I started dancing when I was ten years old and then I got into a program when I was 12 for people who wanted to study dancing, singing and acting while combining it with a traditional education. I did that for 6 years and then I went to an art college. I always had an aspiration to follow my dream of being a singer and dancer in America so once I finished college I left home to move to LA and pursue my dream.

At such a young age-that cannot have been easy.

At first it was very hard because of course this industry has a lot to do with the connections you have because everybody moves to LA to fulfil their dream so I was just one of many. It was not easy because you have to remember I was only twenty one when I moved there and I did not know virtually anyone-it was lonely in many respects being away from my family.

Was there a time that you thought of giving up?

There were times that I did not have money so I basically did not leave the house- I just stayed in and saved money eating noodles all the time. I remember I skyped my parents and told them how hard things were and they were like ‘you know you can come back if things are too hard’? I was tempted but I declined because in my mind I did not go through all of this to just give up and I am so glad that I persevered.

Definitely and you would not have hooked up with Flo-rida-talk about how that happened and what it has been like working with such a global star like him?

The thing is Flo is all about do. When I met him I told him that I thought we should work together and so I was luckily enough that he gave me a chance. The next day he invited me to the studio and flew me over to his label in Miami, I played him my music and showed him my dance videos and he loved it. He said he was looking for a singer on tour and would I want to do it so of course I said yes. For the next two years I toured with him and that was such an amazing learning experience. In 2013 I then signed with his label and I started performing my own music in his sets.

And so the track Somebody it’s HUGE!

It’s just crazy right? I honestly just cannot believe it really. The track is spreading so quickly and people are just engaging with it so much it’s just more than I could have expected but it is great.

A Whitney track a huge undertaken!

It is funny because I did not think about it that way. I did the track as more of a tribute to Whitney and I Wanna Dance with Somebody (1987) is one of my favourite tracks of all time from her so it just made sense. I did not even plan for me to necessarily do a Whitney track it just happened organically and when I heard the finished track, I just knew it was right.

And that video there was an 80’s tribute thing there as well-was that your idea?

For sure I absolutely love everything about the 80s from the music, styles, artists it like one of my favourite eras so I wanted to bring that out in the video and bring that whole fun period of the 80s to life and I think it worked.

And what’s on the agenda for 2015?

I have a tour with the US girl group 5th Harmony, there’s more material-a single should be dropping soon but generally just look out for more music and hopefully my fans and people who do not know me like the music I put out.