Ford Vignale Edge 2017

Ford may have just struck gold with the launch of their new Vignale SUVs, reigniting the spark for the brand in a market that’s been lukewarm towards it for years.

Gone are the days when terms like XR2i, XR3i, and RS Turbo set hearts racing—until now, with the Ford Vignale SUV lineup stepping onto the scene.

vignale goes suv

Introducing the Ford Vignale Kuga and Edge: two models that are turning heads and changing minds about what a Ford SUV can be. The Edge exudes greatness with its presence, while the Kuga, albeit slightly in the Edge’s shadow, provides a driving experience that might just surprise you.

Upon landing in Vienna on my BA flight from Heathrow for the Vignale experience, the journey from plane to plush VIP treatment set the tone for what was to come. Greeted by Ford’s team and whisked away to VIP treatment unheard of in typical car launches, it was clear this was no ordinary drive event.

Introducing the New Ford Vignale SUV

The Vignale Edge, with its bold American SUV aesthetics, boasts a design that’s both stylish and substantial. It’s evident that Ford poured considerable effort into crafting an SUV that marries American swagger with European sophistication. From its imposing grille to the sporty, coupe-like rear, the Edge Vignale makes a statement without saying a word.

Inside, the luxury continues with premium leather, advanced technology, and a comfort level that’s hard to match. The driving experience is just as refined, with a route through Vienna showcasing the vehicle’s versatility—from high-speed highways to scenic country lanes, culminating in a stop at the breathtaking Fontana golf course.

vignale goes suv

But the Vignale isn’t just about the car; it’s a lifestyle. Ford envisions the Vignale owner as someone who appreciates the finer things in life, from golf and five-star hotels to exclusive experiences that money alone can’t buy. This vision is encapsulated in the Vignale’s premium materials, bespoke colours, and details, not to mention a suite of ownership perks designed to cater to every need.

From dedicated FordStores with Vignale Lounges to a lifestyle service offering unique experiences and the convenience of the Vignale Service app, Ford aims to provide an ownership experience as exclusive as the vehicle itself.

In sum, the Ford Vignale SUVs are more than just cars; they’re a passport to a lifestyle of luxury, ease, and distinction. Whether through their design, driving experience, or the exclusive perks with ownership, the Vignale models are Ford’s ticket back to the heart of the luxury SUV market.

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