Ford Vignale Edge 2017

Ford may have just hit the nail on the head with the launch of the new Ford Vignale SUV… Everyone loves a comeback kid right?

For many years, the word ‘Ford’ has almost been viewed as a swear word in the car market. Long gone are the beloved days when words such as XR2i, XR3i and RS Turbo were a buzzword amongst the lads. Well maybe this is all about to change with the new Ford Vignale SUV’s.

The new Ford Vignale SUV’s are available in two shinning new models, the Vignale Kuga and the Ford Vignale Edge and they look great, well the Edge looks great and the Kuga looks like a wanna-be Edge without the extra awesomeness, however I found it more of a treat driving the Kuga model rather than the Edge… Doh!

Let’s set the scene…

Picture this… BA Flight to Vienna from Heathrow. Upon landing in Vienna, I met two smartly dressed Ford staff, NOT outside of the terminal but literally outside of the plane in the exit tunnel.

The men open a side door along the walkway and divert my like a celebrity, downstairs to a VIP shuttle that takes me to the VIP Terminal (not VIP lounge) Yes a whole VIP terminal, where the Ford team are awaiting my arrival with iPads and keys to the vehicles I was about to drive.

A couple of hand shakes, a couple of signatures, a couple of smiles later, then POW, I turned and looked outside the door and there I saw the Ford Vignale’s all perfectly aligned waiting and wanting to be driven. I was given an iPad that was fully loaded with information on the Vignale’s and the Ford operative setup a route for me to drive on the cars SatNav and I was good to go.

vignale goes suv
The new Ford Vignale Edge

Inside the New Vignales

The Ford Vignale Edge is a looker, Ford must have had the car designers working day and night on this one. This SUV pretty slick, it’s got style, it’s got swag, its curvy and it looks American… Wait what? It looks American? Oh yes, it does, it looks like an American style SUV rather than a British or European style SUV, but on this car, it’s OK because it looks so good.

The Ford Vignale Edge has a huge almost hexagon shaped grill with the Vignale signature patterned theme running in the grill. The huge Alloys wheels ads depth to the vehicle looks. Take look around the back and slightly sporty coupe style rear boot of the vehicle gives it the errr Edge (pun intended).

vignale goes suv
Inside the new Ford Vignale Edge

Inside the Edge you’ll find Vignale tailored stitching on the leather seats, all the gadgets and gizmos you can imagine, full electrical seats that move in all positions, and a very comfortable seating experiences for you and your passengers.

The driving position is very comfortable, almost too comfortable. Passengers in the front and back may find it a tad too easy to fall asleep while you drive unless you decide to keep them awake with stimulating conversation or perhaps music from your Bluetooth or USB connected smart phone.

Introducing the New Ford Vignale SUV
Backshot from the new Ford Vignale Edge

The Driving experience…

With my destination set, it was time to drive. Engine on, seatbelt on, I took off on my Grand Tour of Vienna. Whoever deciding on the route I was given, had obviously thought this through properly. From motorways to scenic valleys and country lanes, the route programmed in the SatNav took me on a glorious drive through Vienna.

The first pit stop was the absolutely beautiful 18-hole golf course and driving range ‘Fontana’. The Fontana course ranks among the best in Europe. Despite the continental-European climate the providence-greens and bent-grass-fairways are to be compared to the best US-courses.

3 amazing photos from the Fontana golf course Vienna
Fontana golf course Vienna

The impeccable and decadent views from the Fontana golf course made me want to ditch the car and play golf all weekend. I cant say that I have been to all the best golf courses around the globe, as I have only been to the beautiful and quite regal Gleneagles in Scotland and the Sheraton in Gran Canaria, but from what I have seen, the Fontana is right up there in the top spot.

After lunch, the Ford executive had to peel me from my chair (I had no intention of leaving Fontana anytime soon) and get me back on the road for another 45 minutes of country lanes and driving at high speed along the Vienna roads and lush green scenery.

Finally I hit the city and the traffic and enormous buildings and made my way to the 5 star Kempinski Palais Hansen Hotel. On arrival I was shown to my room, where I showered and changed for a briefing with the Ford team and a delectable 4-course meal courtesy.

Hotel Kempinski Vienna
Hotel Kempinski Vienna

Here we discussed the new Vignale’s with the other journalist on the trip and the Ford team, but why is all of the above important? Well, it’s the Vignale way of life. If you love Golf, love 5 star hotels and love the finer things in life, then Ford wants you to buy the Vignale to match this lifestyle.

There are perks to buying a new Vignale SUV like the premium materials including tuxedo-stitched Windsor leather interiors, unique Vignale colours, and detailing including the signature Ford Vignale hexagonal grille design and not to mention the ownership experience which offers dedicated lifestyle service and exclusive benefits.

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The Ford Vignale model range is available to order at FordStores across Europe, and at customers’ Ford retailer of choice. FordStores incorporate dedicated Vignale Lounges that deliver a personalised purchase experience supported by a Vignale Relationship Manager. Ford already has established 360 FordStores and expects to complete its roll-out of 400 early next year.

Ford also offers a dedicated lifestyle service that helps Ford Vignale customers across Europe efficiently arrange travel, event and lifestyle activities. Delivered in partnership with Total Management – a global event, lifestyle and travel agency – the service offers a carefully selected collection of experiences to Ford Vignale customers.

Additional customer benefits offered by Ford Vignale include the Vignale Service smartphone app for Apple and Android™ operating systems. The app delivers a direct link to online lifestyle content from the Vignale Magazine, in addition to offering driving tips and information; a dealership locator; and GPS-enabled services including Ford Vignale Park Me, fuel stations locator, and a one-touch connection with emergency services or Ford Vignale One Call.

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