Hotwire have been in the making for the last three years and have developed into an exciting and edgy super group and have built up a catalogue of music ready to launch. 

Soul and Mckoy hooked up back in 2004 and immediately found common ground in the form of music which they begun to experiment with and soon developed a real passion for. Sophie, a former school friend, was intrigued by the guys and their developments in music and suddenly found herself in the middle of the boys singing powerful hooks and learning to write lyrics of her own.

The band have written and produced a full album and already filmed two videos for tracks ‘Did You Know’ & ‘Feel It’. Brand new viral video ‘Did You Know‘ has launched and follow up video ‘Feel It‘ is due to hit TV screens in late November. Look out for these guys who have got their plan in place to take the scene by storm for 2013!

Do not sleep on these guys

Hotwire – Did You Know