ford fiesta ST-Line

I must be upfront about this: my familiarity with Ford’s collaboration with B&O Play on the Ford Fiesta was quite limited until a recent excursion to Valladolid, Spain.

There, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the Ford Fiesta Vignale and ST-Line experience, both models enhanced by B&O Play’s impeccable sound system.

For those unfamiliar with B&O Play, I recommend a quick search to grasp its significance. Without this knowledge, much of what I discuss here might lose its context. If you’re already acquainted with B&O Play, please, read on.

My admiration for Ford stretches back to my youth, starting with my very first car—a 1983 silver Ford Escort 1.3L, a nod to my age. My journey continued with a 1985 red Ford Fiesta XR2, a car that felt like a divine gift. It was swift, strikingly red, powerful, and at that time, the pinnacle of my automotive desires.

Yet, the past paves the way for the future, a future that rekindled my excitement with the latest Ford Fiesta Vignale and ST-Line. Perhaps it was a yearning to reconnect with my youth, relive the joy of driving a Ford Fiesta, or simply the allure of test-driving these modern vehicles.

The invitation to Valladolid for a two-day Ford Fiesta experience transcended mere driving. Join me as we explore this journey through both photographs and narratives—it was, without a doubt, spectacular.

Imagine two days bathed in glorious sunshine, driving on endless roads with not a soul in sight, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, indulging in spa treatments, infinity pools, exquisite dining, a private flight to Valladolid, and mingling with Instagram influencers and bloggers. This event encapsulated the essence of Ford’s hospitality.

black ford fiesta Vignale
The Ford Fiesta Vignale. 1.0-litre EcoBoost Petrol 140ps. Durashift 6-speed Manual Transmission. Panorama Roof. 8-inch Screen with B&O Play and so much more!

The Car

Upon arrival at Valladolid airport, we were greeted by an impressive lineup of Ford Fiestas, showcasing a variety of colours and models, eagerly awaiting our selection. I was immediately drawn to the Black Ford Fiesta Vignale—its elegance was captivating.

My choice, the Ford Fiesta Vignale in absolute black, boasted a 1.0-litre Ecoboost Petrol 140PS engine, delivering a performance akin to a 1.6 engine. The Durashift 6-speed manual transmission added zest, while the panoramic roof invited the sunshine in, creating a convertible-like ambience. The spacious interior was a pleasant surprise, comfortably accommodating passengers despite my tall stature.

The dashboard’s sleek design and the interior’s refinement were indicative of Ford’s commitment to excellence. After warming my hands on the heated steering wheel—a boon for chilly UK mornings—I connected my phone via Bluetooth to the 8-inch screen. The first track I played, Culoe De Song’s “Rambo,” showcased the B&O Play sound system’s ability to handle deep bass with surprising ease.

The Drive

The drive itself was exhilarating—two hours of spirited driving through the countryside of Valladolid. It felt like a scene out of Fast & Furious, especially since I was catching up to the convoy after departing the airport last. Along the way, we paused at scenic locations for photo ops, fully embracing the Instagram moment.

Discussing the ALL NEW FORD FIESTA merits attention to its aesthetics, sensory appeal, technology, and the sheer variety of available specifications—up to 20,000 variations. My experience with the Ford Fiesta Vignale and ST-Line highlighted the Vignale’s beauty and the ST-Line’s sportier appeal.

Our drive concluded at the luxurious Hotel Castilla Termal, renowned for its Therma Spa, fed by a natural spring deep below. In my extensive travels, this ranks as one of the most lavish experiences to date.

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