ford fiesta ST-Line

I have to be honest with you. I didn’t know what Ford was up to with the B&O Play / Ford Fiesta thingy until a recent trip to Valladolid (Spain) where I got to experience the new Ford Fiesta Vignale and ST-Line, fully loaded with B&O Play.

If you don’t know what B&O Play is, I suggest you click here or google it, otherwise, half of this article will not make sense. If you do know what B&O Play is, then continue reading…

I’ve been a fan of Ford dating back to my teenage and first car days. To be precise, my first car was a 1983 silver Ford Escort 1.3L (I’m showing my age). My second car was a 1985 red Ford Fiesta XR2 and this was manner from heaven. It was fast, it was bright red, it had power and it was (at the time) my ultimate boy toy.

But that’s all in the past, and now we are looking at the future. And that’s the reason why I was excited to test drive the all new Ford Fiesta Vignale and St-Line, maybe I wanted to feel my youth again, maybe I wanted that nostalgic feeling of driving a Ford Fiesta or maybe I simply just wanted to test drive this new car.

Ford Fiesta ST-Line

So after being invited to Valladolid (Spain) for a 2 day Ford Fiesta driving experience which ended up being waaaaay more than just a drive, I’d like you to experience the Ford Fiesta with me in photos and words because it was awesome.

Picture this: Two days of amazing sunshine, open roads that seemed to go on and on with no-one around, picturesque landscapes, spas, infinity pools, fine dining, private flight to Valladolid, instagram models & bloggers and of course a road test… This was all part of the experience (Ford really do know how to throw a party).

Ford Fiesta Vignale Line Up
The Ford Fiesta Line Up

The Car

When we landed at Valladolid airport, the line up was sick, over two dozen Ford Fiesta’s perfectly aligned in different colours and models awaiting our arrival… The question on all of our minds was ‘which model will we drive first’. I immediately opted for the Black Ford Fiesta Vignale (I’m fancy like that) and it was love at first sight.

black ford fiesta Vignale
The Ford Fiesta Vignale. 1.0-litre EcoBoost Petrol 140ps. Durashift 6-speed Manual Transmission. Panorama Roof. 8-inch Screen with B&O Play and so much more!

The colour of my Ford Fiesta Vignale was absolute black and packed a 1.0-litre Ecoboost Petrol 140PS, which felt more like a 1.6. engine. The Durashift 6-speed manual definitely gave it added punch and the panorama roof brought the sunshine inside the car in an almost convertible style feeling. I was surprised at the space inside the vehicle, I could easily stuff a couple of friends in the back even though I have very long legs.

The dashboard is slick, the interior design is slick, you can immediately see that Ford has put their top minds together to create this car. I ran my hands over the heated steering wheel (perfect for those cold winter mornings in the UK) then, clicked on the 8-inch screen and connected my phone via bluetooth.

The first song I played was Culoe De Song – Rambo believe me, this house song as a deep bass that most speakers cannot play properly and the B&O Play sound system, surprisingly handled it with ease. Click play below, turn your volume up and check out the bass.

The Drive

Next came the drive, two hours of revving down Valladolid country roads and believe me, I revved it hard, onlookers would have thought I was Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious. Plus I was the last person to leave the airport so I wanted to catch up to all the other Ford Fiesta drivers on en route.

As I drove and drove and drove, I spotted some of the other Fiesta in the distance. The other models and bloggers seem to be revving almost as hard I as was. As we reached picturesque spots, we pulled over for photos. It was instagram time.

Let’s talk about the ALL NEW FORD FIESTA. Let’s talk about the look, the feel, the sounds and the tech. Let’s talk about the fact that up to 20,000 variations of the all-new Fiesta specification are available. I personally test-drove the Ford Fiesta Vignale and the Ford Fiesta ST-Line. The Ford Fiesta Vignale looks beautiful but if you are the type that likes the more Sportier look then you’ll want to go for the ST-Line.

Here are 5 things you did not know about the All-New Ford Fiesta

After our two hour drive, we arrived at the stunning and luxurious Hotel Castilla Termal which featured Therma Spa from a natural spring that runs 386 meters below the grounds of the hotel. Believe me, I travel a lot and this one of the most decadent places I have visited in a long time.

Ford Fiesta Five Sense Experience
Ford Fiesta Five Sense Experience
Amy Belfi and I
Amy Belfi

Next came the Ford Fiesta five sense experience. Our way of experiencing the Ford Fiesta via taste, touch, sound and more. Mini rooms, with different elements for our perusal.

It was also a chance to meet and talk with the Ford team and the beautiful Amy Belfie (Neuroscientist, New York University) who is a cognitive Neuroscientist, whose research investigates how aesthetic experiences influence the brain, along with Koppel Verma from Spotify who conducted Ford’s science of sound research into the psychology of music & driving and how it alters moods.

I ask Amy so many important questions about sound and the brain such as;
1. Me: Are you single? Amy: No I’m happily married. Me: Doh LOL! I then had a lightbulb moment and wondered if Amy could spot a number 1 hit. So I asked her.
2. Me: Can you spot a No.1 hit? Amy: OMG, I wish. The best people for that is probably music producers whether consciously or subconsciously. Me: Doh LOL!
3. Me: So, car and music, give me the lowdown: Amy: Good question, the car is a unique environment to listen to music. When people drive by themselves, they feel a sense of total privacy like seclusion and emersion, so this is the perfect environment to develop a strong and powerful system to listen to music as this will, of course, enhance the driving experience.

We’ll come back to Amy and my conversion in my next article, but in the meantime, you can now see why the B&O Play and Ford partnership is so important. Ford wants to give you an experience you’ll never forget. The experience of music, sound, freedom of expression within the comfort of your brand new Ford Fiesta.

After the experience, we had a chance to relax and unwind in the beautiful spa, before we heading downstairs for pre-dinner drinks and then an exquisite meal courtesy of Marc Segarra (head chef at Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine).

Hotel Castilla Termal

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