Lexus RX - Jude Law - VR still1

Watch this awesome video presented by Lexus and hosted by Jude Law in stunning 360 degree VR as these unassuming guests are transported from normality to the life of a celebrity. They think they are simply going to see a simulation of the new Lexus RX, however what’s in store is a lot more.

The guests on the video get to sit inside the brand spanking new Lexus RX, and while they are locked inside the virtual reality system, the set changes and then they are whisked off to the premiere, red carpet and all, where they get to meet Jude Law himself.

The Lexus embodies sharpened sophistication and is, like the film, unique. Its sculpted body, 20-inch customisable wheels and razor sharp design are perfect for those who understand the importance of making an impression; successfully encapsulating contemporary luxury lifestyle.

With VR all the rage at the moment, its time to immerse yourself in this video, which was shot using not 1, not 2, but 80 GoPro cameras, giving you the complete 360º experience. Are you feeling a ‘Matrix’ bullet time moment? We are. You can use your VR system or click on the directional arrows on the video to span the different cameras and different views.

Lexus RX - Jude Law - VR still1

Pretty impressive right? Of course it is. The only problem that we have with this video is: Why the hell didn’t Lexus invite us?

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#Ad: This is a sponsored article in conjunction with Lexus.