Zepp E smartwatches colletion

Zepp has launched a brand new smartwatch with created and designed with wellness in mind. This comes along with a refreshed line-up of wearables, kicking off with the Zepp E series.

The brand spanking new Zepp E boasts a 3D curved bezel-less design, always-on display, 11 sports modes, multiple health metrics and 5 ATM.

Zepp E smartwatch The AI and cutting edge tech allows the Zepp E series to convert vital health statistics into actionable insights, helping users to more effectively monitor their physical and mental wellbeing.

Zepp E series watch faces

What we DO like about the Zepp E series

The Zepp E series are stylish and comfortable to wear and design of these watches work well with not only gym outfits but also smart wear, officewear and even partywear. The screen is easy to read and the finger motions work like a treat.

zepp e bevel
Take a look at the clean and sophisticated bevel on these beautiful watches

What we DON’T like about the Zepp E series

We do not have much in the complaints department for the Zepp E series smartwatches, our only complaint would be the initial setup is a tad long, but after that, it’s as easy as ABC.

The Zepp E series starts from €249 and can be purchased directly from the website.

Zepp E smartwatch

And here’s some extra information for you to feast on

Record Your Exercise and Track Your Progress With 11 Sports Modes

The Zepp E series supports 11 sports modes including walking, indoor and outdoor running, cycling, pool swimming, climbing and even skiing. With water resistance in depths of up to 5ATM, users can also track their performance underwater. For more adventurous fitness fans, Zepp E also comes equipped with SpO2 monitoring, an important indicator of health, especially in high-altitude and low-oxygen environments or while performing high-intensity sports such as marathons or rigorous workouts at the gym.

See How Your Exercise Is Affecting Your Body State with Personal Activity Intelligence

Zepp E’s range of professional workout modes help users to track and improve their performance when exercising, while the Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI[9]) health assessment platform turns sophisticated information on a users’ heart rate and daily activity levels into a single metric, providing an easy-to-understand score to help guide users on the state of their physical condition. To further encourage people to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, Zepp E allows users to set daily activity goals, including steps taken and calories burned. It also offers all-round fitness tracking features, such as reminders to stand up after long periods of inactivity.

24/7 Life Companion on Your Wrist

In addition to its health and fitness tracking capabilities, Zepp E is a smart life companion, allowing users to set timers, alarm clocks and even check the weather forecast, as well as receiving notifications when new calls or text messages come in on their smartphone. For those who rely on music to get them through a workout, Bluetooth Music Control allows users to play, pause or skip tracks from their watch during exercise, without having to pull their phone out of their pocket.