After experiencing some early success in 2012, Vanquish, now formed of Lucy, Becky, Lisa and Sophia, are ready to unleash their new sound and capitalise on their ever-increasing worldwide fan base.

Since forming in June this year, the girls have already performed to thousands across the UK (with their first gig in Bristol in front of 20,000 strong crowd alongside Blue) and have seen their social media figures soar. With organically formed fan clubs springing up as far and wide as Argentina, Spain, Germany, Canada and Israel, the girls have cemented their global appeal ahead of their official single release, ‘DAMN’, next February.

Vanquish have worked with some of the industry’s finest writers and producers including Wayne Hector (Westlife, JLS) and Rob Davies (Kylie Minogue) to produce their new material. Other inspired collaborations have seen the band work with the team behind the hits of pop powerhouses Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Clarkson.

LaurenB: Hi Girls, how has 2013 been so far for you and what has been the highlight of your year?
Vanquish: Hello! 2013 has been really great thanks! The highlight has just been meeting all the people and being in the studio and actually recording. Oh… and performing Blue Water Stadium.

LaurenB: Are there any others stadiums you want to perform at?
Vanquish: The o2 *laughs* Wembley would be great too!

LaurenB: What has been your biggest struggle in the music industry so far and how did you overcome it?
Vanquish: Errrm, we can’t really think of any… There have been a few gigs where the sound hasn’t been great but you kind of just have to get on with it and battle through but otherwise it’s been fairly ok so far!

LaurenB: What were you doing before you were in Vanquish?
Vanquish: I was a dancer, I was at Uni, I worked on a holiday camp and I was a Dancer.

LaurenB: So, how would you describe yourselves individually?
Vanquish: *Laughing* I’m the ‘Crazy’ one, I’m the Sarcastic one and I can’t sit still, I fidget a lot. We are the flirty ones.

LaurenB: Who is your inspiration?
Vanquish: We are still finding our sound as we develop as artists but we all really like Destiny’s Child, Rhianna and Justin Timberlake especially ‘Justified’ Obviously we’re not going to be Beyonce, but she is definitely a big influence *Laughs*

LaurenB: Would you take part in programmes like X Factor and The Voice to get yourselves out there like ‘Kingsland Road’ Have?
Vanquish: We have found that doing it the way we are gives us the freedom to do it how we want whereas those shows we feel can be quite controlled. It’s nice to receive direct feedback from our fans on the covers and other bits we have done. We have a single coming out in the New Year and we have done a load of promotion for that already and will be doing a load more so it makes sense to keep it the way it is for now.

LaurenB: How did you guys meet and how did Vanquish form?
Vanquish: It was an audition process and we all got picked and put together. We were forced to make good relationships *Laughs*

LaurenB: Where did the name ‘Vanquish’ come from?
Vanquish: It means, Power, Defiance and Strength and that’s what we try to put across in our music so that’s why.

LaurenB: Do you have any boyfriends or partners that support you etc?
Vanquish: No, none of us are partnered, we all just have each other *Laughs*

LaurenB:Who has the worst habits in Vanquish?
Vanquish: Lucy tends to just sit on people, we don’t know if that’s a habit though! She also puts her feet in our faces a lot! I have a really bad problem with forgetting things mid conversation or someone will ask me something and I will go in the other room and completely forget what was asked of me.

LaurenB: Do you have any crushes at the moment or fancy anyone?
Vanquish: Adrian Brody, Danny Mac (From Hollyoaks) He is really hot!

LaurenB: For new people trying to break into the industry what advice would you give them?
Vanquish: Just make sure that you are honest, loyal and sociable. Be confident in what you create and work as hard as you can. Do what you do, and do it the best you can. Work your hardest and believe in what you do.

LaurenB: Tell us something about you girls that we don’t know already.
Vanquish: I don’t like Marshmallows, they are disgusting. I don’t like feet! They really scare me. Old people make me emotional because they are just so cute!

LaurenB:One last question because I know you girls are busy… How would you describe your fans?
Vanquish: Amazing, funny, sweet, entertaining! They are just great; they always give their feedback and show their support. Even on days where we aren’t really doing a lot publically, if we are just writing or in the studio they always send us messages asking how our day is etc which is really lovely! We have fans popping up all over the world now which is really amazing.

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By Lauren Bayram



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