Ayelle, the London based, Swedish singer/songwriter, is back with her new song ‘Waiting’ – Produced by Marc Dos Santos David.

Raised in Sweden, Ayelle has been writing songs since she was only a young girl. Her debut EP What You Made was released late 2014 and demonstrates a true portrayal of remarkable passion through three very intimate tracks.

Part EDM, part R&B, ‘Waiting’ showcases Ayelle’s effortless vocal range which beautifully allows her to present her incredible story telling through song.

“Waiting’ is about wanting someone that you can’t really have because they are unable to let you in. Even if it’s not their intention to disappoint you it seems inevitable in that situation & it’s about learning to prioritise yourself and not settling for less.” – Ayelle.

The song creates a very gloomy setting through as almost diary-like entry, which is enforced by dark electronic, with a hint of strong beats, but a strong sense emotion towards an outlook for letting go of something once loved.

Let’s just hope that Ayelle keeps these new tracks coming – We are expecting nothing but big things!


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